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11362Re: [aprsisce] Re: It's Ringy-Dingy Time Again

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  • James Ewen
    Aug 2, 2011
      Just so you might understand why you are moving around...

      45 31.87N 75 18.72W Puts you in Rockland.
      45 24.13N 75 42.82W Puts you in Ottawa.
      45 31.91N 75 18.75W Puts you in Rockland.
      FN35fm Puts you in Montreal.
      FN25dj Puts you in Ottawa.

      All of these are locations that you have been sending out as your
      location. If you send a location, your icon will end up there.

      You also have FN25IM in your auto answer message which would put you
      in Rockland, but it isn't in a decodable format for placing you on the

      I would venture to guess that NONE of those locations were GPS derived
      as a D72 inside a house would wander around and you would show a
      number of locations around a central point as the GPS wander makes it
      look like you are moving about slightly.

      Only 2 out of 5 locations you are reporting are close to where you
      want to be, so at best you'll be at home 40% of the time if you keep
      sending conflicting information.

      Try setting a stationary station up with APRSISCE/32 without the D72
      connected. Get that sitting still, and then work on adding more bits
      and pieces to the picture.

      Take it one step at a time and you might start to see the forest for the trees.

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