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11354Re: [aprsisce] Re: It's Ringy-Dingy Time Again

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  • Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr)
    Aug 2, 2011
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      On 8/2/2011 4:29 PM, ve3xj wrote:
      >> Ok, let me guess. You have an NMEA port configured to talk to the D72
      >> and have an RF Port configured to talk to the SAME COM port? That's a
      >> UI-View trick that APRSISCE/32 doesn't support and would cause open
      >> errors on one or the other depending on which thread got the port open
      >> first.
      > There is no NEMA port on the D72 to configure,. as you have suggested. I think we are talking about two different issues here and we are confusing each other.

      I didn't say "on the D72". I said an NMEA port. If you look in
      APRSISCE/32 under Configure / Ports / NMEA you'll see what I'm referring
      to. If you have one of those configured to the same COM port that you
      have the "TH-D72" (previously referred to as <YourPortName>), then
      you'll have all of the issues you describe with dinging when you have
      both the GPS and the TH-D72 ports enabled. Only one of them will be
      able to open the COM port and the other will start dinging and retrying.

      > I am using the the interal GPS of the D72; there is no other GPS involved. As I have said over and over again, this set up weas working fine for the last two days. When I restarted the system, nothing was happening. After playinng silly bugger with it for a while (about 3 hours, it still does not work. It kept dinging evey 5 seconds or so. A could of times, a beacon did get out, but it shows my poition in the middle of Ottawa, not in Roc kland. On the other hand, the APRSISCE map show me in downtown Montreal. So there you have it. Finland shows me I am in the middle of Ottawa, APRSISCE shows me that I am in Montral and my D72, right beside me say I am at my home location in Rocklan., Not to be too obttuse, which one do I believe?

      Please select Screen / Follow / Me in APRSISCE/32 and see if it moves
      you to a different place. If your D72's GPS has a fix, it's probably
      right. If you manage to get that fix into APRSISCE/32 (Uncheck Enables
      / Ports / TH-D72 and check Enables / GPS Enabled), and IF you have
      APRSISCE/32 centered on me (as described above), then APRSISCE/32 should
      begin agreeing with the D72.

      An easier way to set your position in APRSISCE/32 is to make sure
      Enables / GPS Enabled is NOT checked (if it's disabled, then you don't
      have one configured and it's automatically not checked, but I suspect
      that's not your case). After you're sure that the GPS is disabled, then
      drag and zoom the map so that the center is where you want to be and hit
      Transmit. APRSISCE/32 will ask if you want to "Move ME to Center" to
      which you would answer Yes if you want to be at the center of the
      panned/zoomed map.

      aprs.fi (Finland, in your reference) is probably confused by the grid
      square in your Status Report, so I'd recommend unchecking Configure /
      Status / GridSquare (same as Configure / Status Report / GridSquare menu
      item). After you quit beaconing that grid square and successfully
      beacon a position, aprs.fi should start agreeing with everything else.

      > On top of that, I was able to recently able to stop the dinging by disenabling the GPS in the Enables tab and then re-enabiling it. There was a side benifit in that I am now decoding pacjets, showing the location of other stations. However, there is still no reponse when I hit the Transmit tab.

      With the GPS disabled, the Rf Port will finally be able to open the COM
      port which is why you are now "decoding" (actually receiving) packets.
      However, given that you're receiving packets, that tells me that your
      D72 isn't sending out GPS data anyway because that's an either/or, but
      not both, choice. By the same token, hitting Transmit with the GPS
      disabled should be asking about moving Me.

      > So what do I do next?

      See above. And please e-mail your APRSIS32.XML fil eto KJ4ERJ@....

      > Yeah, I understand that Lynn, but that is not what is happening since I have been at it since this morning. When I hit the transmit tab, nothing happens.

      Because, if I understand you correctly, until just a bit ago, you had
      the GPS enabled. With GPS enabled, Transmit doesn't ask about moving
      ME. Only with a non-configured or disabled GPS is that question asked.

      > There is no point in chastising me for using a UI trick or anything else like that. I haven't the foggiest notiion of what UI is. I have heard of it, and that is the extent of my expertise. Please consider me an idiot in theese matters - I am only a user, I have no expertise in these matters.

      My apologies if it sounded like chastising, but that would be a common
      reason for users to think they can configure a single COM port for both
      NMEA and APRS interfaces. I was only trying to point out that you can
      use a given COM port for NMEA or for APRS/RfPort, but not both at the
      same time. Eventually there'll be a way to glean GPS data from an APRS
      stream for those devices that provided the interleaved data, but it
      won't require configuring an NMEA port to match the RF port.

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
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