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1099Re: [aprsisce] Argent Data System GPS and APRSIS32

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  • Lynn W. Deffenbaugh
    Apr 11, 2010
      I would also suggest that once you have the hardware wired up and the
      GPS powered, open a terminal emulator on the COM port at 4800 baud and
      ensure that you're actually getting NMEA sentences before configuring
      APRSIS32 to use the GPS. That way you've only got one unknown at a time
      (first the new GPS and then the configuration of APRSIS32 to use the GPS).

      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

      Stan Leeds wrote:
      > The GPS will need a 5VDC power source reference to this listing from
      > Scott's website
      > Pin Wire Function
      > 2 Red RS-232 data out (+/- 6v)
      > 3 Brown RS-232 data in
      > 4 Green Power in
      > 5 Blue Ground
      > - Yellow TTL data out (0-3v)
      > - Black TTL data in
      > Then plug it into a free com port on your computer, if you do not have a
      > free com port, but a free USB then you will need a USB to RS232 adapter.
      > Open up APRSIS32 and then select Configure, then Ports and then NMEA.
      > Select No to not configure as a TCP/IP port.
      > In the next dialog box, select the com port it is on and the (it is
      > usually) 4800 baud.
      > Should be good to go.
      > I didn't do everything step for step to you do to the fact you did not
      > offer too many details on your hardware setup (computer) etc...
      > Good Luck and let us know,
      > Stan/KC7EHJ
      > indiahams wrote:
      >> As I am new to APRSCE , I am unable to configure Argent Data Systems
      >> GPS (ADS-GM1) connected to my Laptop running APRSIS32. Can anybody
      >> help as how to configure this NMEA GPS.. Step by step.
      >> Thanks in advance
      >> Rajesh VU3FUN
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