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10588Re: [aprsisce] Kenwood D700 vs D710

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  • Greg D
    Jun 14, 2011
      Oh, and the battery is a factor too. I've not seen an original model
      battery that can hold a charge. Mine did for a little while, then gave
      out. I ended up getting a 6xAA pack from Batteries America and put
      2650mah NiMH cells in it. A little piece of wire to short out the
      charge-blocking diode, and I'm all set.

      Any way, the point is to factor in the cost of batteries too. I was
      chatting with another Ham about the one at the Swap, and the cost of the
      battery, and the fact that the new D72 is out, tipped him in favor of
      not getting it.

      Greg KO6TH

      Greg D wrote:
      > I saw one at a Ham swap last month. The guy wanted $150 for it. I
      > paid $300 for mine a few years ago.
      > Data points, for whatever they're worth.
      > I presume it's the D7a/g model, right, vs the original D7a? The "g"
      > part is newer firmware and features.
      > Greg KO6TH
      > Lynn W Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
      >> On a semi-related note, how much would you think a D7a would be worth to
      >> you? Short fuse on that question though.
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