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10377RE: [aprsisce] Re: Aprsisce digi capable..

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Jun 1, 2011
      A Bluetooth module will work. I have one running. The Tilt has a serial port on the USBEXT connector but I have not determined how or if it is possible to access it except for updating a ROM.
      My Tilt doesn't like Wi-Fi and BT running concurrently. So as an I-Gate with this particular unit using BT for theTNC connection and W-FI for the network connection will not work, hence the search for more USBEXT use data. It does make for a great digipeater.
      Best regards,
      Fred, N7FMH

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      I'm curious as to what it takes exactly to connect one of these silly cell phones to an external TNC.

      and just so I'm clear, you have a windows phone, that's not being used as a phone, hooked to a TNC/Radio for useing APRSISCE?


      --- In aprsisce@yahoogroups.com, "Fred Hillhouse" <fmhillhouse@...> wrote:

      > James,
      > I picked up one of those "silly little cellphones" at NEAR-FEST this
      > for $10. The silly little phone portion works according to the
      > owner but I have not yet tested nor plan to. I was thinking
      that an older
      > KPC3, not my 3+V8.3 unless the delay issue is solved,
      would make a great
      > DIGI and hope to do that at some point. Actually,
      just about any KISS TNC
      > will work.
      > I am now on the hunt
      for another cheap silly little cellphone. I am looking
      > forward to the
      updated digi functions Lynn will be adding.
      > Leave off the duct
      tape, it makes a mess when it does come off. Automotive
      > hook and loop is
      pretty good. I haven't figured out how to remove old dried
      > residue yet.
      Goop-off doesn't work.
      > I currently have the APRS Mobile
      Platform, formally known as "silly little
      > cellphone", connected to a
      T2-301. Quite a nice setup!
      > Best regards,
      > Fred,

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