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Fwd: Do You Take the Bible Literally?

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  • Chris Maness
    ... From: Stand to Reason Date: Thu, May 20, 2010 at 1:00 AM Subject: Do You Take the Bible Literally? To: chris@chrismaness.com [image:
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      Date: Thu, May 20, 2010 at 1:00 AM
      Subject: Do You Take the Bible Literally?
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      �Do you take the Bible literally?� is a question frequently asked about
      biblical interpretation. I answer that I try to take the Bible with the
      precision the particular biblical writer intended. I take the words at their
      plain meaning unless the writer has signaled me to do otherwise.

      Ironically, Evangelicals who pride themselves on �taking the Bible
      literally� often feel comfortable fleeing the plain, literal sense of a
      passage whenever �the Spirit leads.�

      I�m talking about the habit of isolating verses or phrases from Scripture
      and, under the Spirit�s influence (allegedly), finding in them personal
      messages unrelated to the original circumstances of the text.

      In the current issue of *Solid Ground*, I offer a biblical argument against
      this practice. *Solid Ground* is one of the free tools Stand to Reason
      provides to train and equip Ambassadors for Christ. I have provided a link
      below to the new enhanced format of *Solid Ground*. I hope you will read
      this issue and give careful attention to the scriptural case I present.

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      When verses can have different meanings for different people based on Holy
      Spirit �promptings,� it begins to undermine the truth of the �faith, which
      was once for all delivered to the saints� (Jude 3). On that view, there are
      as many �truths� as there are readers.

      If I�m right on this, lots of quiet-time theologizing�not to mention a host
      of devotional writings�is seriously misguided. For many Christians, their
      moments of �truth� turn out to be moments of emotion-filled fiction. So I
      hope you carefully consider the biblical case I make for how to interpret
      and apply Scripture.

      To read this latest issue of *Solid Ground* you can simply click
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