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KEN JONES of White Horse Inn:"Iron Sharpens Iron" (4/3/08)

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    Listen to this live interview on Iron Sharpens Iron , THURSDAY, APRIL 3rd, 3-4pm EDT in New York & Connecticut on WNYG-1440AM Radio or WORLDWIDE at
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      Listen to this live interview on "Iron Sharpens Iron",
      THURSDAY, APRIL 3rd, 3-4pm EDT
      in New York & Connecticut on WNYG-1440AM Radio or WORLDWIDE
      at www.sharpens.blogspot.com or www.wnygspiritofny.com. CALL IN with your own questions at:
      1-631-321-WNYG (9694)

      KEN JONES, pastor of Greater Union Baptist Church in Compton, CA (see http://gubc.tripod.com/), a Reformed Baptist congregation adhering to the Biblical Summary of Doctrine known as the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith (see http://www.spurgeon.org/~phil/creeds/bcof.htm) and regular panel member on Michael Horton's theologically Reformed, nationally syndicated talk radio broadcast "The White Horse Inn" (see www.WhiteHorseInn.org), featuring a regular roundtable discussion of Christian theology and apologetics, will address the theme: "THE CHRISTLESS & CROSSLESS GOSPEL OF MODERN EVANGELICALISM: The Substitution of Our Substitute in Today's Preaching".

      Dr. Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama for approximately 20 years, has been the topic of many discussions in the media recently due to his unabashed adherence to black liberation theology and sermons that have been deemed by many as racist and unpatriotic. Pastor Ken Jones, a black pastor who is a well known passionate advocate of conservative & Reformed Theology, will respond to Dr. Wright's teaching, but will also broaden the scope of his focus on the main problem with modern preaching in general: that Jesus Christ, our Substitute, has been substituted with a false hope and a false gospel.

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