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AIDS: A Christian Response on "Iron Sharpens Iron"(12/1/06)

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  • Chris Arnzen
    Dear Friends, TODAY, FRIDAY, December 1st ( World AIDS Day ), Christian recording artist and apologist STEVE CAMP, founder of ACCT: Aids Crisis and Christians
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      Dear Friends,

      TODAY, FRIDAY, December 1st ("World AIDS Day"), Christian recording artist and apologist STEVE CAMP, founder of ACCT: "Aids Crisis and Christians Today" (www.a1m.org), will be my guest on "Iron Sharpens Iron" (heard live 3-4pm EST from Manhattan to Montauk, NY, and Connecticut on WNYG-1440AM Radio, and heard worldwide on the internet at www.wnygspiritofny.com) to address "A CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO AIDS".

      ***Also MARK ON YOUR CALENDARS that on MONDAY, DECEMBER 11th, my guest on "Iron Sharpens Iron" will be JERRY THACKER, an Evangelical Christian who contracted the AIDS virus from his wife, which she contracted through a blood transfusion in the 1980's after giving birth to their daughter. Their daughter subsequently also contracted the AIDS virus through breast feeding (see www.scepter.org).

      "Iron Sharpens Iron" is heard live Monday through Friday, 3-4pm EST. To listen over the internet go to www.wnygspiritofny.com, scroll down to the animated icon of the radio and click on it. If you do not have RealPlayer already installed on your computer you can download it for free by clicking on the "realONE PLAYER" icon directly below the radio icon. If you already have RealPlayer and you still cannot hear the program, try downloading RealPlayer off the web site any way, shut down your computer and restart it.


      STEVE CAMP founded ACCT - "Aids Crisis and Christians Today" in the late 1980's. It was designed to do four key things in addressing the AIDS issue: educate; equip; engage; and evangelize. ACCT puts on a few different national events (Nashville, Dallas, Washington, D.C.). ACCT's ministry banner read: "His holiness not compromised; yet His mercy not restrained". Steve has remained involved in the AIDS issue by speaking in public forums, conducting radio interviews, writing articles on the blog and website, and preaching/teaching at churches.

      Two songs of Steve's were written for this issue and both are on his Justice CD: "Do You Feel Their Pain" and "Don't Tell Them Jesus Loves Them".

      Steve was also physically attacked and beaten by a group of homosexual activists after a World Aids Medical Conference/Concert in San Francisco in 1990/1991 after preaching that homosexuality is a sin, and has debated gay activists on secular college campuses as well. You can learn more about Steve Camp and his ministries on the internet:

      CampOnThis blog: www.stevenjcamp.blogspot.com
      AudienceONE Ministries: www.a1m.org or www.audienceone.org or www.stevecamp.org

      If "Iron Sharpens Iron" is a blessing to you please call or write the station and let the management and staff know of how much you value the program.

      In His grip,
      Christopher J. Arnzen, host of "Iron Sharpens Iron"

      1-866-DEBATE-1 / 1-631-805-4598

      "Iron Sharpens Iron" is sponsored by the Law Firm of BUTTAFUOCO & ASSOCIATES. For Accident & Injury Cases call 1-800-NOW-HURT

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