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  • nemopholist
    Dear Kwame He did not say he would kill them, but he did say they would die. In either case I would assume that at that point in our existence, God would have
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2006
      Dear Kwame

      He did not say he would kill them, but he did say they would die. In
      either case I would assume that at that point in our existence, God
      would have been the agency. I was overstating the point for effect,
      but it was simply that we, humans, from the start often have to make
      the best of a bad situation.

      Remember, if the consequences of disobedience is death, then the
      disobeyed against has a hand in it. On the other hand, if they were
      already going to die before the fall, that is, man was mortal and
      just did not have the FEAR of death, then that makes a problem for
      the doctrine of original sin.

      If the doctrine of original sin is true and comes from man's
      disobedience in the garden, and man did sin in disobedience, and as
      it also says "stipendium pecate mors est " (The wages of sin is
      death" then) the original sin must be that disobedience.


      There really seems no reason for God to suspend punishment of Adam
      and Eve beyond that moment when their sin is revealed. To let them
      live lives of tribulation and misery (including seeing the murder of
      one of their children by the other) then that hardly seems consistent
      with a "merciful God." But on the other hand, I suspect that God too
      makes the best of a bad situation.

      Admittedly a lot of speculation but still.. not out of line when
      one considers a God who would "begat" or become in part of himself
      his son and suffer and die for the sins of man that all would be
      forgiven. At that point it's easy (at least for me) to imagine a God

      "Very well children-- so you have fallen for the blandishments of
      Satan and "wish to be like God." Very well, it is not my wish that
      you would do this, for it would have been much better for you to have
      lived as simple innocents in this paradise I have created, but I
      cannot bring myself to destroy you , you my creation. Therefore it
      will take milennia of slow painful progress, in which you will suffer
      all sorts of evils and pain and suffering and misery and tears will
      follow tears until slowly, painfully, with many missteps and mistakes
      you will become like Gods.

      We are on the verge of transcending time and space. We have
      eliminated whole diseases and plagues, we have conquered so much
      misery and made life better. We could make hunger a thing of the
      past. We can even raise the dead (well, just a few moments ago dead,
      we can't call them out of the tomb). Admittedly a long way back to
      that Eden, and there are missteps and we fall back now and then, and
      it takes a LONG LONG time, but we have made progress. We will never
      BE God, but we can be more like him. Indeed, that was part of the
      ministry of Christ was it not ? To teach us to love each other as he
      (God) loves us. To teach us to be kind and solicitous to each other
      as he is to us. That does not mean coddle and do everything we wish,
      but ...

      Admittedly many will take issue with this view, but one must never
      forget the ever-present and overwhelming love of God for his creation.
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