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Another Prayer Request (a little long)

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  • Kerry Gilliard
    I hope I don t set off a trend here (on the RBDL), but I felt the need to put this with more than one or two brothers and sisters in Christ. In a nutshell: I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2003
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      I hope I don't set off a trend here (on the RBDL), but I felt the need to
      put this with more than one or two brothers and sisters in Christ.

      In a nutshell:
      I teach music (band and choir) at a local high school. My principal and I
      have been butting heads since late last school year. She has a tendency to
      talk 'over' or 'at' people instead of 'to' them, doesn't listen very well
      and can be quite nasty. That said, she's been systematically trying to
      paperwork me out of a job since Feb. of this year when I was 'all of a
      sudden' observed by folks from the Regional office. On my interim
      evaluation, I had two points I needed to improve on, I did. She did my
      final eval. this past Thursday and gave me an unsatisfactory on ONE of those
      points (the rest, she put satisfactory for) and told me that this ONE point
      weighed heavier than everything else and therefore, this is an
      unsatisfactory evaluation. I'll be meeting with my union rep tomorrow
      during my planning period and we'll be discussing it at length. Pretty
      much, all of my observations (which she said is what they were based on),
      while suggesting improvements, were all satisfactory. In addition, she's
      changed the position at my school so that my position would only be
      'part-time' at that school and I'd have to be split between two schools
      (can't get rid of me, make me as uncomfortable as possible, eh ?).

      I've calmed down from wishing that her car, house, office, etc...
      spontaneously combust :) I'm back to praying for God to either A. Move me
      (more on this in a second), B. Move her (*restraining evil grin*) or C. Give
      me the necessary grace to move between two schools. I know God's justice
      will be done in the situation, so I'm not worried in that aspect. Further,
      if I'm correct, according to my contract, pretty much what will happen is
      that I'll be 'involuntarily transfered' to another building, but since I'm a
      certified teacher in my subject area, it's a bit more difficult to get rid
      of me. Plus in the area of seniority in the county, I actually can 'bump'
      someone else from their position who is not certified (which I do NOT want
      to do or to happen).

      Now here's the fun part. I posted about this situation on another
      discussion board I participate on (non-theology related - music related).
      The principal from a H.S. in GA gave me a call tonight on my cell phone (I
      left my cell number on the site) and dropped me an e-mail. We talked for
      about 25 minutes or so and the deal at his school sounds very tempting.

      NOW... in a nutshell: Pray that I am wise in my dealings and that whatever
      decision I make, that it falls in God's PERFECT will :) and not simply in
      His PERMISSIVE will (and in line with my desires for a great band program
      with a huge budget and actual STUDENTS in the classroom, etc....). This
      would also involve a very VERY quick relocation - to GA - in a little under
      two months, if things did work out in that direction (I live in MD now).

      So this thing is big. Pick an area and PRAY.


      Soli Deo Gloria,
      Kerry Gilliard
      Theologically Correct dot Com Ministries
      Internet: kerry@...
      AOL: BeAManOfGod1914
      #ProsApologian: Xarminian`
      I'm sorry, I'm just not a 'bury the truth under non-offensive mush' type
      person. Call heresy heresy and be done with it! The US under Bill Clinton
      followed such a policy in regard to its dealings with terrorists and
      terrorist nations and it got us 911. Had Clinton dealt with the terrorists
      when he had the chance (and plenty of them!), Bush wouldn't be left to mop
      up his mess. The only thing that kept Clinton out of office during 911 was
      a little constitutional amendment. But thank God Bush was in office during
      this time - he stepped up to the plate and called a spade a spade and a
      terrorist a terrorist.

      We need some 'George Bushes' in the church who are willing to stand up for
      truth and not 'coddle' those holding heretical views, thinking that this is
      some form of true 'Christian charity'. I love Millard Erickson's writing,
      but I think he's just plain WRONG about not wanting to kick the Open Theists
      out of ETS! Odds are (and I ain't a bettin' man), they won't change their
      stance AND they'll probably drag more people (both lay and academic) into
      heresy with them! I believe Spurgeon mentioned this very same fact in one
      of his 'Downgrade Controversy' papers. If it held true over 100 years ago
      when there were many more Calvinistic churches around, how much more now
      that the church has ran headlong away from its' reformed roots ?" - Me, On
      Heresy in the Church and Christian, July 2003

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