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27622Re: [apologetics and theology] The Paradox of Feeding The Homeless.

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  • Mike Jones
    Mar 26 11:49 AM
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      the author needs to read Matthew 25 again.  Jesus never expressed or implied that the helping the homeless was distinct from the basis upon which they were saved.  He very clearly taught that, without regard to faith per se, it was those who help the poor who will go to heaven.

      It is interesting that those who go to heaven  in this teaching, are those who did not understand that they were helping Jesus when they were helping the poor. Jesus made other equally powerful arguments for legalistic salvation, which probably explains why modern fundies run to Paul as if he was the only person in the bible to say anything about "how to get saved".

      Now if you try to refute the legalism of Jesus in Matthew 25 by saying you need to reconcile what Jesus said with what Paul said, then I disagree with using biblical inerrancy as a hermenutical tool.

      You can know perfectly well the correct meaning of the record of what Jesus himself taught without needing to worry about what some controversial guy named Paul had to say about it years later.
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      During holidays the drumbeats of “feed the homeless” grow louder and louder and sometimes perish with the end of the holiday as the homeless after being fed, recede back to their homelessness. Even those whose brother or sister is homeless, talk about feeding the homeless. I was talking with a lady who told me that her brother was homeless and that she took him out for lunch twice a week. I am sure that Jesus was padding her on the back and head for the great show of kindness to the homeless brother. That was a great accomplishment for the wonderful sister. Feeding the homeless is a noble act because on the day of reckoning, only those who have kept the word of God will inherit the kingdom. The goats who disobeyed will be kept away from the sheep who obeyed (Mt 25:33-34). Albeit, it was a battle that was won and lost. In this passage (James 2:15-17), James is implying that while faith in Jesus assures the believer salvation, the faith thereof produces holy fruits (actions). That is converting the tenets into concrete actions on human beings. For example, how does that help a homeless person if we give him/her a dime and wish him/her well; meanwhile, we live in a mansion with our wife and child? How does that help them in their homelessness? Firstly, the dime will take them nowhere, and secondly, they are still going to have the grass as their bed and the sky for their roof.
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