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Merging with AgilePDX

Hi everyone (all 39 of us), For some time now, we've included APLN-PDX in the announcements for XPDX user group meetings and have been running joint meetings
Feb 13, 2011

Fwd: Agile 2011-Call for Experience Reports

Featuring Oregon's own Rebecca Wirfs-Brock as co-producer and Ian Savage and Rhea Staddick on the review team! ... Featuring Oregon's own Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Diana Larsen
Jan 3, 2011

8 spaces left - Agile Open Northwest conference

Hello Agile PDX-ers, If you have been thinking about registering for the Agile Open Northwest conference in Portland, Feb 8-9, do it soon! It's local,
Diana Larsen
Jan 3, 2011

Agile Open Northwest Registration Open

Announcing Agile Open Northwest 2011! This Agile Open Space event will be held February 8th and 9th, 2011, at the Ambridge Event Center in Portland, Oregon.
Diana Larsen
Dec 17, 2010

Training in Seattle of interest to Agile folk

Hi Portlanders, Wanted to give you a heads up about a class we at Agile Learning Labs (that's Chris Sims and Hillary Johnson) are putting on next month in
Nov 4, 2010

Nancy V & PNSQC (a little poem)

Hi all, I'm looking forward to Nancy V's talk next Wednesday night. I plan to attend. Who else will be there? (FWIW, PNSQC is providing pizza for us again this
Diana Larsen
Oct 17, 2010

Re: October 20 Meeting featuring speaker: Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

Rik, Yeah, I don't know why it shows a 20 ft map version on calagator. However, I think the map does match where I went for the SPIN meeting last month. What
Diana Larsen
Oct 6, 2010

October 20 Meeting featuring speaker: Nancy Van Schooenderwoert (aka

Hi everyone, We have a great speaker for the October 20 AgilePDX meeting - Nancy Van Schooenderwoert (also known as Nancy V)! Nancy V comes to us from Boston
Diana Larsen
Oct 6, 2010
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First Friday Agile Lunch at McMenamin's on Broadway

Hi all, Yes, I know it's the Friday before Labor Day weekend and we're all jones-ing to get our 3-day party on. We'll still meet at McMenamin's on Broadway for
Diana Larsen
Sep 1, 2010

Re: [xpportland] MeetUp at Agile 2010?

I'll be there, and I'd love to have a meetup.
James Shore
Jul 31, 2010

MeetUp at Agile 2010?

Hi all, How many from our local Agile/XPDX & APLN-PDX community will attend Agile 2010 in Orlando Aug 9-13? Shall we organize a meetup while we're there? I
Diana Larsen
Jul 31, 2010

Agile Practitioners' Lunch, July 2 at the usual time & place

Hi all, I'm sending out a reminder that some of us will be eating and talking together at the regular Agile Practitioners' Lunch on Friday July 2 (the first
Diana Larsen
Jun 23, 2010

Workshop with Esther & Diana

SECRETS OF AGILE TEAMWORK: Beyond Technical Skills June 22-24, 2010 in Portland, OR Learn the essential skills you need to help your Agile (or other) team
Diana Larsen
Jun 10, 2010

Thoughts on the May meeting & Jared Spool at CHIFOO

Hi all, I haven't seen much follow-through about having fishbowl discussion at our regular May meeting this month - which would be tomorrow/Wednesday night,
Diana Larsen
May 18, 2010

Re: [xpportland] Matt Heusser in July?

Hello PDX Agilists, Now that Kim has moved to a next chapter in her work/life, XPDX/ AgilePDX needs to self-organize leadership for handling opportunities like
Diana Larsen
May 17, 2010
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