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Grace Is Bigger Than Your Sins JUBE 30, 2013 ~Grace Daily Inspirational ~

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  • Paris
    * * *Grace Is Bigger Than Your Sins* *by Steve McVey * * One of the most amazing aspects of God s grace is the way it blows sin right off the map of our lives.
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      Grace Is Bigger Than Your Sins
      by Steve McVey

      One of the most amazing aspects of God's grace is the way it blows sin right off the map of our lives. Make no mistake about it - sin lost the battle with God and is now a nonentity as far as its ability to stop His purposes for the life of the Christian. Are there consequences for our sins? We have all seen that often to be the case. Do our sins disqualify us from being used by God? Not at all.

      David committed a horrible sin when he slept with Bathsheba, but after they were married and God wanted the temple to be rebuilt it was her son, Solomon, that He used to accomplish that project.

      Peter flatly denied that he even knew Jesus, but when it came time for the sermon to be preached on the day of Pentecost, he was the man who God used that day.

      Abraham had his wife Sarah tell a king that she was his sister so that the king wouldn't kill him to have a chance to take her. Despite his horrible and cowardly sin, God reaffirmed His intention to make him the father of a great nation many times afterwards.

      The list could go on and on. It's a strange thing to hear debate in the church today about who God can and can't use. The fact is that God can use anybody He wants to use. I learned this truth even before I understood the grace walk. Years ago someone asked me about a certain, flamboyant TV evangelist. "What do you think of him?" I was asked. "He's an idiot," I responded in my "I-haven't-learned-a-thing-about-grace" way that was all too common back then. The woman then went on to tell me how God had used that man's ministry to transform her life. "What do you think now?" she asked. Without hesitation, I answered, "I guess God uses idiots!"

      While my response was far from graceful, it's true. God uses idiots. I should know. He used me despite my years of legalistic idiocy. God can use you too. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you might have done something that is so terrible that your Father can't redeem your past and use your life for His glory. He can use you and He will use you.

      Jesus came to put away your sin and He fully succeeded at that. (See Hebrews 9:26) We need to stop worshipping our sins by focusing on them and glory in the finished work of the cross. God's grace is bigger than our sins and He will use our lives for His glory. Let's just trust Him to do it!

      As you think about being a part of God’s family
      by faith in Christ,
      remember His faithfulness to you and His desire
      to use you to bring about His purposes.
      —Marvin Williams

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