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Fw: "The man in a glass box" - Bob Perks

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  • Ruby Haskins
      The man in a glass box By Bob Perks The only limits you have are in your mind. That s because we all live in glass boxes. We can clearly see everything
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      "The man in a glass box"
      By Bob Perks

      The only limits you have are in your mind.
      That's because we all live in glass boxes.

      We can clearly see everything around us, but
      we go no further than our own percieved limitations.

      The walls are strengthened by ideals we hold to be
      true. They begin with the words "I am" and get taller
      and stronger the more we repeat them.

      I am...

      Too tall
      Too short
      Too fat
      Too thin
      Too young
      Too old
      Too black
      Too white
      Too male
      Too female

      Too (fill in your own word here)

      They are, in general, positive words with positive attributes.
      Still the world twists and turns them around to be negative
      and limited. Many of us accept them as such.

      There we stand in the glass boxes looking out at the world
      longing to be more, do more and have more. We walk to the
      perceived wall and stop because we see ourselves as the world
      sees us.

      I watched two doves in my yard one Spring trying desperately
      to get to my small pond for a drink. I had temporarily
      placed a plastic fence between the pond and the bird feeders.

      In the Spring the area turns muddy and my three dogs use that
      area as a path before coming into the house. The fence stops
      them and they come down across the deck.

      The two doves had been getting their fill on the ground around
      the feeder and then began walking toward the pond.

      They stopped at the fence.

      They walked back and forth many times trying to figure a way
      to get to the pond.

      I watched for the longest time until I couldn't take it any more.

      I finally yelled, "Fly!" They did. They flew away.

      What was ovbvious to me was that they had the ability to reach
      the pond if they just flew over the fence. All they could see
      was the obstacle.

      That was their glass box.

      It's hard to imagine sometimes that any of us would see limitations
      to happiness, joy, peace, hope and even prosperity.

      We are surrounded by it.

      Still, we see others breaking the walls of the glass boxes but we
      cannot see ourselves doing it. You will hear plenty of excuses as
      we try to reason why they could do such things but we can't.

      We then remain in our self created glass box.

      So, what glass box are you living in? What limitations have you
      set that are holding you back?

      Imagine for a moment that, like me watching the doves, God is standing
      somewhere watching you.

      In your prayers tonight ask God to help you break down those walls.

      Then don't be surprised if in the morning you are startled when you
      hear someone scream..."FLY!"

      I know you know this song. Listen and read the words again...for the first time!

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbUpPVOEkdA  -I Believe I Can Fly-words and Lyrics, do listen!!

      "I believe in you!"



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