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Good Morning Treasured Family of God* (((Big Hugs))) Come Say Hi

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  • faith Dube
    Good Morning  Precious Friend: How are you doing this morning? We are great, hope you like the goodies we are sending Breakfast is ready too We are so
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2009

      Good Morning

       Precious Friend:
      How are you doing
      this morning?
      We are great, hope you
      like the goodies we are sending
      Breakfast is ready too
      We are so blessed to be able to
       come visit you each day over
       this beautiful internet of
       God's our Lord and Saviour!
       Lets all praise Him for all
      He has done for us in our life.
      If you have
       a prayer request
      please share that
       with us each day.
       We want to hear from
      everyone, visitors too.

      My day is blessed
      when I can come
      and see all the posts you
      share with us. Thanks you
      from the bottom of my heart
       I want to encourage all  members
       and visitors to post messages.
       Our hearts are waiting to
       hear what the Holy Spirit
      wants you to share with us ok!! 
      Thanks for all responses in advance.
      May our Lord and Savior
      keep you in His loving hands,
      i pray He will comfort you,
      strengthen you and bring
      healing in all areas
      of your body, mind, Spirit
      and all areas of your life.
      My prayers are with u
      God Bless you and all
      your loved ones!
      Great Big Heart hug's,
      Todays Inspiration
      He has planted eternity in the human heart. . . .
      Ecclesiastes 3:11
      Four Things We Should Know
      There are four things we should know about
       every person on this earth. No matter how
       successful they are, how unsuccessful they are,
      how famous they are, how beautiful and handsome
       they are, or how unattractive and plain
      they may be, everyone shares these four traits.

      One, there is an essential emptiness in every
       person who hasn't yet come to Christ. Everyone
      is essentially empty. No matter how much money
       or prestige someone has, everyone
      has to deal with that emptiness.

      Scripture says that God made His creation
      subject to vanity or emptiness, meaning
      there is a void—a hole, if yo
      u will—inside every man, woman, and child.

      Two, people are lonely. We can assume there
       is a sense of loneliness in every individual.
      Albert Einstein once wrote, "It is strange to
      be known so universally and yet be so lonely.
      " People are lonely. We need to know that.

      Three, people have a sense of guilt.
      They may try to mask it with alcohol or
       have a psychologist or psychiatrist tell them it is no
      t there. But they have to deal with their guilt
      over the things they have done wrong.

      The head of a mental institution in London once
       said, "I could release half of my patients if I
       could find a way to relieve
       them of their sense of guilt."

      Four, people are afraid to die. Some may strut
       around and say, "Not me. I'm
       not afraid to die." But they are.

      So don't be so intimidated by the facades tha
      t people hide behind and assume they don't wan
      t to hear what you have to say about your faith in Christ.

      Remember, you used to be one of those people.
       I used to be one of those people. And we
       responded to the gospel. So will they.

      Greg Laurie [Signature]

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