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Happy T.G.I. F.Precious Friends & Visitors* Please Come Say Hi ok

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  • faith Dube
      Come Say Hi 2 Me ok http://www.freewebs.com/grannyfaith4jesus65/guestbook.htm     Good FridayMorning Precious Praying Family of God  Blessings from Our
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      Come Say Hi 2 Me ok


        Good FridayMorning
      Precious Praying
      Family of God 
      Blessings from
      Our Home To Yours:
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      Happy T.G.I.F.
      With Jesus!
      Are you ready for
       the weekend?
      We are and we are
       so happy it is here
      Thank you Jesus for being
      with us all through each day!
      How are you doing
       this morning? 
      Come rest awhile
      with us ok
       have a cup
      ofphoto coffee or
      tea with me
      its hot and
       all ready come
       join us
       ok.. Hope
       you enjoy
       my little letter today,
      (((hugs))) May you
       have a Peace Filled and
       Blessed Weekend with our 
      Awesome Father God!!!
      Please know you are in my
       prayers all day!
      photoHope you can spend a
      minute or 2 with me,
      please click this link
      and come say hi ok!
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      Friday Inspiration
      No Reason to Fear
      The psalmist wrote,
       "Even though I walk through
       the darkest valley, I fear no
       evil; for you are with me."
      Psalm 23:4 (NRSV)
      WHEN I was a youngster,
       walking alone down the
      gravel road by our house
      on dark winter evenings was
       frightening. As I moved past
      our filbert orchard, my
       imagination would kick into
       high gear. I thought about
       the possibility of some person
       or animal coming out to
      attack me. Any unusual sound
       was a major concern. But
      I felt absolutely no fear walking
       that road when my father was with me.
      Jesus recognized the potential
      for fear in the hearts of his
      followers. Many times the
       Gospel writers portray
       Jesus telling his disciples
       not to be afraid. Sometimes
      Jesus was referring
      to a current situation,
       while other times he was
      talking about future circumstances.
       What comfort they must have
       felt when he reminded his
      followers, "I am with you
      always" (Matt. 28:20).
      We live in a dangerous
      world with much that can
       engender fear. God never
       promised that we will be
       delivered from all the hazards
      and adversities of life. But
      even though the roads of
       life may be dark and threatening,
       God has promised to be with
       us along them all. What a
       difference knowing that makes!

      From Duane Ulleland

      (Washington, USA)

      Thank you, Lord, for your
      promise to be with us always.
       Give us the faith to trust
       you and to walk courageously
      with you through all
       our days. Amen.
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      The path of faith takes us not around dark places but through them.

      God Bless you &
       all your loved ones!
      Praying For you all!
      Come Say Hi 2 Me ok
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