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Happy Labor day with with Our Living Abba Father God* Come Say Hi

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  • faith Dube
         Happy Labor Day Day with with our Awesome Abba Father God:    Breakfast is ready, coffee,  Cereal,    Toast Enjoy ok ! How are you doing so far
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2008
       Happy Labor Day
      Day with
      with our Awesome
      Abba Father God:
      is ready, coffee,
       Toast Enjoy ok !
      How are you doing
      so far today?
       I hope you can come by today
      and let us know if you need
       prayer, or just want to chat
      a wee little while with us.
      Also share how
      your Labor Day
       weekend is going?
      what have you
      all been doing?
      We have been resting,
      praying all through
       the day, and watching
      some good Hallmark
       Inspirational movies.
      and some old Classic
      I love you all so very much,
      and will be looking for you
      throughout the week ok.
      Wonderful Friends....
      written by Glenna M. Baugh
      Across the miles we email each day
      At bedtime, I think of you when I pray
      We may have never hugged really tight
      If you were here I'd hug
      you with all my might

      To me you are the sweetest friend
      I'm here, and you can always depend
      Holidays, Birthdays, and special days
      I look forward to your email in many ways
      For all my friends who live nearby
      Our love for one another we
       can't deny Friendships are
      strong, filled with love
      With all God's blessings
       from above

      I am thankful that we met
      You, I will never forget
      Our friendship endures
      Sometimes we share our tears

      For all good times and bad
      I am so very glad
      That you are here
      And ever so near.

      God Bless All My Friends!

      © 2005 Joyce Ann Geyer

      A friend loves at all times,
      and a brother is
       born for adversity.
      Proverbs 17:17

       Gracious Heavenly Father,
              Thank You, Dear Lord,
       for the opportunity to take
      control over our lives. 
      Today I would like to lift up
       to You those who are suffering
       from addictions of any type....
      whether it be drugs, alcohol,
      cigarettes, food, exercising,
      work,, etc. Anything that blocks
       our growth or takes control
      of us has mastered us.
      It can destroy our lives. 
      Dear Lord, I pray that You
       help them to be set free. 
      Let them know that You
      have the final authority
      over whatever has taken
      control of their lives. I pray
      that they turn it over to You. 
      Help them to realize that
       You are their teacher, their
       guide, their counselor.
      Please bless them with the
       ability to recognize their
      addiction and give them
       strength to admit to it and
       to seek help.  With You,
       they may overcome anything.
      Thank You, Jesus, in whos
      e name I pray. Amen.

      Friendship's Road
      I've a warm and friendly feeling
      As I think of you today;
      And I wish that we could visit,
      But you're many miles away.

      Separated by such distance,
      Yet your letters bring you near;
      Through the miles we share a friendship
      That's become to me most dear.

      Friends through correspondence only;
      Still, your face I need not see
      For your soul shines through the pages
      Every time you write to me.

      You've a special way of writing,
      Warming as the sunshine rays,
      Bringing joy and inspiration,
      Letter brightening up my days.

      You've enriched my life, my dear one,
      And I'm glad God willed we meet,
      "Friendship's Road" is that much nicer
      Traveling it with one so sweet.

      -Author Unknown-
      God Bless you,
       My prayers are with
      you and all
       your loved ones.
      Come Say Hi 2 Me ok!
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