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Beloved Sisters And Brothers

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  • Faith Dube
    Beloved Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, Greetings and God bless you through the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Messiah/Yaweh. My heart is an
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2003
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      Beloved Sons and Daughters of the Most High God,
      Greetings and God bless you through the mighty name of Jesus Christ
      our Messiah/Yaweh. My heart is an everlasting testimony to the
      wonderful grace and mercy that my Heavenly Father has extended
      towards me. I am delighted to bring forth this message of hope and
      love in a day of hardships that we are all undergoing. For in a dry
      tree as Jesus spoke on the way to Calvary, on the via del a Rosa the
      woman wept for Jesus, and he spake unto them and said: "Weep not for
      me, but for those that come after me. For if they do these things in
      a green tree, what shall they do in the dry? When they say blessed
      are the paps that gave no suck and the womb that did not bare."
      These days are upon us now.

      We live in perilous times, and the times are destined to become even
      harder. But we have a hope, a hope that endures to the end. The
      hope of Christ's return.

      We are on the verge of a mighty work of God not only in the church as
      a whole, but in each and every individual that is a part of Christ
      and those that are outside the body of Christ. I adjure you by the
      mercies of God that you remain fixed in your stand towards Christ.
      For there are many that are falling by the wayside, and have chosen
      to align themselves to that antichrist. The spirit that is already
      in this world. All those that oppose our Heavenly Lord Jesus/Yahweh.

      It is the Lord's intention to draw the line between those that will
      serve the Lord and those that will not. It will become quite evident
      to all who those people are. For the Lord is coming with a fire. A
      Holy Spirit fire that is to change the hearts of the people and purge
      out that which is not of him, both in the body and in our hearts as a
      whole. Beloved people, it is the last days and we are to work
      vehemently towards maintaining our hearts before him. Many are
      undergoing strange behaviors and strange thinking but fear not it is
      the work of our Lord. We are being tested and tried as we have
      always been, but more so through the workings of the Holy Spirit, to
      bring forth his act, his strange act. Let him that readeth
      understand, what is that consummation that is determined upon this
      whole Earth. Seek ye to understand the hidden things of God where
      Christ the anointed can only teach you through the Holy Spirit. That
      is why it is paramount that you work to acheive a proper relationship
      in a "Heart-Life" with our Father and that of our Lord and teacher
      the Holy Spirit. Blessed is the man that attains to the counsel that
      I send out each week to stay close unto the Father. To steadfastlly
      gaze upon his face. For in his presence is tendermercies
      forevermore. On your right hand and on you left, I want for you to
      look round about at your brothers and sisters. Is there not a
      change, and shift and becoming different, even in your own selves?
      This is the beginning of the work of our Lord, and shall finish as
      the refiners fire. But until that day fear none of those things that
      will befall you, for the Lord himself is at the helm. Be aware of
      those that would draw you away from your primary service unto the

      I love you all, and thank you ever so much for all your prayers for
      this ministry. You all are wonderful in my eyes, and my heart is
      open unto you. Please feel free to write me anytime. I will do my
      best to answer all. Remember our Associate Pastor James Collard
      brotherjames@.... He too is my fellow laborer and is
      worthy of great honor for the heart of love that he has for you as
      well. Please give him a hearty welcome and let him know a bit about
      you. We are here for you in prayer requests and watchings if need
      be. May the Peace of God rule in your heart. God bless.

      Jeff Rodrick
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