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40451LOVE TRIALS By Miles Stanford ~Grace Daily Inspirational ~ JANUARY 6, 2014

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    Jan 5, 2014


       By Miles Stanford

      "I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly unto her" (Hosea 2:14).
      As we begin to grow, we are governed; as we begin to mature, we are allured.

      "By trial our Father reveals whether we can suffer His will as well as do it. By trial He weans us from the world, draws us to His Son, drives us to the Word and to prayer, and shows us our hearts, and makes us humble. We are to learn to be patient in the days of darkness. Our trials are not meant to do us harm, but good. Our Father chastens us 'for our profit, that we may become partakers of His holiness' (Heb. 12:10)." ---J.C.R.
      "The great teaching of the wilderness is dependence upon the Father. The really heavenly man must be in a scene like this the most dependent man; and whenever anyone learns his heavenly calling truly, and walks according to it conscientiously, he ever finds that new circumstances or trials occur, to keep him dependent; so that the truly heavenly man is the best wilderness man."
      "If our affections are true to the glorified Lord Jesus, they will make this world a wilderness to us; but if our affections do not make it a wilderness, His government will. The Father loves us too well to allow our hearts to nestle here; and He makes us conscious that it is a wilderness that He may have opportunity in our loneliness and our sorrow to speak to our hearts. The Voice that could not be heard in the din and bustle, and amid the laughter of the city, can be heard in the silence and solitude of the wilderness." ---C.A.C.
      "Why has the Father brought you to despair? In order to stop you looking for any ground of hope in yourself; that you should not trust in yourself, but in God Who raiseth the dead."

      "For the Father Himself  loveth you" (John 16:27).


      Somehow, we need to catch the wonder
      of the Resurrection again.
      We need to be amazed by God’s grace,
      overwhelmed by His love,
      made speechless by His joy
      and awestruck at His gift of eternal life.

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