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40445The Indescribable Honour of Being ••Ambassa dors for Christ", Part 5 o f 6,, ,,,~Grace Daily Inspirational ~ DECEMBER 31, 2013

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    Dec 30, 2013
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      The Indescribable Honour of Being ••Ambassadors for Christ"
      By K. R. Blade
      Part 5 of 6

      Irrepressible Zeal Indeed

      Such, then, is the gist of the grandeur that belongs to the privilege of the "ministry" that we have of preaching "the word of reconciliation"unto others; as well as the basic appreciation we should have for the glory of "the love of Christ" behind the privilege.

      No wonder it captivated and thrilled Paul's heart! No wonder "the love of Christ" behind it constrained him as it did, filling him with irrepressible zeal and enthusiasm for telling others about "the gospel of Christ." For as this thrill penetrated and filled Paul's heart, it took over and it could not be budged or displaced from its position of 'being in the driver's seat,' so to speak, within him.

      Wherefore the criticism that he was "beside" himself, either mentally or emotionally, or both, could not dampen Paul's zeal or trodden down his enthusiasm. Such criticisms and reproaches were no match for the thrill generated by the honour and the privilege that it was for him to be the Lord Jesus Christ's personal representative and spokesman. Hence his
      zeal to witness was irrepressible indeed.

      Unabashed Ambassadors

      Therefore, instead of withering or wilting in the face of such criticism; instead of being ashamed one whit of being as zealous as he was to preach "the word of reconciliation"; Paul both gloried in the privilege and he passionately went about fulfilling it, just as he proclaims.

      20 Now then we are ambassa­-
      dors for Christ, as though God
       did beseech you by us: we  
      pray you in Christ's stead, be
       ye reconciled to God.
      21For he hath made him to be
       sin for us, who knew no sin;
       that we might be made the
       righteousness of God in him.
       (II Corinthians 5:20-21)

      "Ambassadors for Christ" is what we are, just as Paul joyfully and unabashedly declares. And in view of just how great the honour and the privilege of our ministry is, the title 'ambassador' truly describes exactly what we are, as well as the passion with which we should carry out our ministry.  

      For in meaning the title first of all denotes the official and serious nature of our ministry, and the glory of the fact that we represent a sovereign. And in being Christ's "ambassadors" we truly do officially represent Him, being sanctioned and commissioned by God the Father in connection with the glory of the Lord's request.

      Also in accordance with an ambassadorial ministry, we have serious and urgent business to conduct on our Sovereign's behalf. We have the serious and urgent ministry of bearing God's glorious good news - "the word of reconciliation"--- to ones who are at odds with Him; who are in a hostile position to Him; and who are subject at any time to being judged by Him for being His enemies.

      In addition to this, the title also denotes the fact that the ambassador has the honour of personally representing his sovereign to others; i.e. of authentically standing in his stead. He, therefore, presents himself to others as one who possesses the very same mind and attitude that his lord has to them, and he acts with the very same fervent zeal, passion, and/or emotion towards them with which his lord would act. This is something that an ambassador is able to do because he has been directly schooled by his sovereign so that he has his lord's frame of mind and attitude; so that he possesses his very desires and passions; so that he speaks and acts in the very same way that his sovereign does; thereby making it so that as an ambassador he can authentically, faithfully, and effectually represent his sovereign, even to the point of elicting the same kind of response from his hearers as his sovereign would receive.

      Wherefore  being Christ's "ambassadors" we too have received such an education and training from Him.  Whereby we are enabled by Him to speak for Him accurately, and to act for Him appropriately, as we authentically and personally represent Him to His enemies.

      Now when we understand and appreciate all of this, and more, our hearts should be filled with the thrill of the great honour that it is for us to be "ambassadors for Christ."

      So then in accordance with this thrill, and particularly in accordance with being taught by God our Father to have His and our Lord's desire and passion, we (as Paul) should zealously and passionately preach to men "as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God." For by no means is such passionate 'beseeching' and 'praying' the product of abnormal emotional fanaticism. Rather it is perfectly logical in view of the great honour of our ambassadorship, and it is the very kind of passion that should be expected from ones who are soberly constrained by "the love of Christ."



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