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40314PERSONAL APPRECIATION ~Grace Daily Inspirational~ OCTOBER 10, 2013

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    Oct 9, 2013

      By Miles Stanford

      "As ye have, therefore, received Christ Jesus as Lord, so walk ye in Him, rooted and built up in Him" (Col. 2:7).

      We appreciate His benefits toward us, but are we appreciative-do we express to Him our appreciation?

      "Let us be very watchful that the inner life, communion with the Lord Jesus, be the true source of our activities."

      "The Lord Jesus longs for fellowship with us. He does not want patronage. It does not meet the desire of His heart to be followed, or admired, or gazed at, because of what He can do or give. He delights in a heart taught of the Spirit to appreciate His Person, for this glorifies and gratifies the Father. He retires from the gaze of an excited and tumultuous throng who would fain make Him a king, because they had eaten of the loaves and were filled; but He could turn with touching earnestness to the little band of disciples who still remained, and challenge their hearts with the question, 'Will ye also go away?'"

      "Love could never be too near to its object. Nearness to the Lord Jesus is the instinct of divine life, as we see in the first question of the two disciples who followed Him, 'Where dwellest Thou?' Why is not this the first question now? Because there is not simple devotedness of heart to the Lord Jesus Christ."

      "There is nothing in all the world so precious to the Father as a heart that, in any measure, appreciates His Son."

      "Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matt. 11:28).

      2Th 1:7  "And to you who are troubled rest with us, ......."

      Should this Inspirational be a blessing and encouragement to you, why not send to a friend, coworker or, to your loved one. The Word of God is so needed in our troubled USA.  We are loosing a great many of our privileges the founding fathers of our great county have protected us by the Constitution of America, there is no country in the world as great as America. Let's stand up and take back our roots.

      Love The Truth

      I love the truth.
      I hate a lie.
      Living a lie, we will die.
      Jesus gave us the word of God.
      The word of God is truth.
      The word of God has set us free.
      I was once blind, now I see.
      For the grace of God has saved us.
      I praise the Lord for this grace he hath set us free.
      Jesus is the truth and the light.
      He gave us life.
      His Glory is so Bright.
      For the Glory goes to Jesus Christ.
      Let's not let be taken away.

      In His grace and love, Paris


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