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40308{The Healing Heart} The Four Cylinders

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  • Gretchen Offord [SGLC]
    Oct 5, 2013
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      {The Healing Heart} The Four Cylinders

      It's fairly obvious when our car is running on 'three cylinders', as the saying goes. It means that something
      is amiss, the engine isn't running properly, it is 'missing' as a mechanic would say.

      The necessary steps to take are easy: have a mechanic look at the engine to discern the problem so
      a fix can be found and repairs made.


      What happens when we, as humans, are 'missing', or running on three cylinders? It the problem obvious
      to us or do we overlook the symptoms? When we grieve, do we spiritualize it (if we are of faith) or
      minimize it intellectually?

      Many have believed the adage that mankind is comprised of three facets: body, soul, and spirit. Perhaps
      that is true but it is not complete, or accurate.

      What has been said, with authority, that many have not seen is that mankind is comprised of four
      facets: heart, soul, mind, and body.

      The heart would be where the emotions reside, and from which - a very good authority says - that behaviors,
      even words, come from.

      The soul would be the essence of a person, and spirit.

      The mind would be the thought place, where thoughts come from and influence emotions and the
      heart (i.e., 'thoughts of the heart').

      The body is the physical part, the muscle, brain, bone, etc. of a person.

      When one of these areas is not functioning properly, it could correctly be said that that person is
      running on three cylinders, or 'missing'.

      The key is to be able to discern the malfunction and address it properly so healing, or a fix, can
      be found.

      Each of the four parts is distinct, and though separate is highly influential on the other parts as all
      are interrelated.

      A fix for one is not a proper fix for another. We cannot put a cast on a broken heart, for example.

      Fixes for healing of the body vary greatly for fixes for healing of the heart, mind or soul.

      I am reminded, and struck by, the powerful example of this diversity as displayed by Christ. As a
      fully spiritual person but also fully human, He evidenced being spiritual (understanding the depths
      of the supernatural) with being human, with a heart: He wept when faced with the loss of His dear friend.

      He didn't ignore either facet of Himself. He embraced spiritual realities while also feeling the pain
      of a loss.

      Perhaps it is His example that can remind us to deal with our humanity so when broken, healing
      can occur, and a fix can be found.

      We can believe the realities of faith while also tending to our human side.

      As a counselor (and chaplain), it is a difficult road to share the hope of the faith journey while also
      helping others find their way as humans, to be both of faith and feeling creatures.

      Having been on my own journeys of grief and loss, I know the path towards healing, and closure, is
      a process and takes time. There are always triggers in the future that can be hit that resurrect a
      portion of the past pain. Facing the pain in steps so to relieve the pressure of it helps remove the
      sting of it, but memories remain. When those memories are brought to the surface, a hint of the old pain can
      occur. If one has found their own process and path in a timely manner those memories can be beautiful though
      sorrowful. If one hasn't found that path, the pain remains and can even worsen with elapsed time,
      making the grieving process longer and more difficult, and spreading that pain from heart to body.

      When the tears flow, or need to flow, find the solace and solitude you need to relieve your heart, and body,
      of the pain inside.

      It isn't weeping for the person you've lost (if that is the situation) but instead it is weeping
      for your loss, what you are missing and are ideally learning to transition to life without their usual
      influence. Thus, a difference. The ideal is not to get 'stuck', as it is said, in the loss but go through
      a process of transition, of learning to live life differently, and cherishing the person lost and the
      memories of them.

      Life does go one, and learning to 'treat' one's heart wounds properly is to be encouraged. Putting the wrong
      band-aid on one's wounds only delays the healing process.

      And the healing process not only helps you, but is something you can share with others, eventually.

      ©2013 Gretchen Offord, Susannah's Grace Life Coaching. All rights reserved.
      "The head may seek God, but it is the heart that finds Him." Jeremiah 29:13
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