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TEC Stories

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  • Joshua L. Kerievsky
    ... How about we tell our TEC Strories?. I just got back from 2 weeks on the road and had an interesting and typical email experience. I ll tell the story
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 3, 2000
      Ralph wrote:
      >I thought you guys had a list of candidate patterns. If so, you
      >should put it up. We need to brainstorm.

      How about we tell our TEC Strories?. I just got back from 2 weeks on the road
      and had an interesting and typical email experience. I'll tell the story

      >We should not worry about producing something polished at first

      I never do. Please feel free to change what I write on Wiki -- If I need to
      save the original text, I will - otherwise I'm happy to see text reworked.

      >We need to discuss and generate ideas before we can get good patterns.
      >I looked at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?IntimateCommunication and it
      >put me off. I don't know the solution to this problem. I am not
      >even sure it is the right problem. But the format did NOT invite
      >me to discuss the problem or to list several possible solutions.
      >If you don't know the solution, how do you know it is a pattern?
      >If you do know the solution, why didn't you type it? I am much
      >more likely to criticise an existing paragraph then to invent a
      >new one.

      I'm sorry the format put you off Ralph. I intentionally didn't add a solution
      in order to invite others to contribute. At this point, I'm in favor of
      writing in general - good or bad, this is public writing and it will morph
      quite a bit. I'd be happy to see the contents of IntimateCommunication
      completely change.

      But I'm now in favor of us writing down our TEC Stories. We can weave or see
      patterns from these stories, as I believe you suggest. However, I wouldn't
      want to prohibit folks from trying to write down things that look like
      patterns, like IntimateCommunications, even though we're at the beginning of
      this effort.

      >One obvious pattern is categorizing communication. Mailers
      >have ways of automatically putting messages in folders. This
      >lets us file away stuff from a busy mailing list so we can
      >look at it later.

      Yes, this is important. I have a story about this. I'm on the XP egroups
      mailing list. The thing gets on the order of 200 messages a day. That makes
      it eXtremely hard to read, even when all the emails from this list go to one
      folder. So members started to add little bits of text to the subject of their
      emails, to further categorize them.

      For instance, if their email is only about jest and fun, they add :-) to the
      subject line. That helps me decide whether or not to read their email.

      If the email is long, they add the words LONG. That helps me.

      Does anyone on this list have similar experiences? Can we hear your stories?
      Do these stories belong on Wiki in some sort of story area?

      >How would I start to discuss this on the wiki? The wiki FIRST
      >needs to be a place to record discussion, and only later a place
      >to record well-thought patterns.

      I agree Ralph. We had a lot of enthusiasm around this project at OOPSLA, and
      I'd like to see that continue, so let's get busy.

      Here's the story I mentioned before:

      I was on the road for 2 weeks, which means that I download mail using a 28.8
      modem. I use an email package called Eudora Pro. It isn't great, but I live
      with it. Sometimes it really annoys me. For instance, during this trip,
      someone sent me some huge files. I really dislike this, esp. when I'm on the
      road. This time, I decided to configure Eudora to ignore large emails (I only
      knew about this by accident, since someone mentioned that Eudora could do
      this). So this meant that I had to decide what was a large email - i.e. what
      would be the k size? Ok, I guessed at anything over 100k. Hmmm, would some
      regular text messages be that long? I didn't know. I went with it, and sure
      enough, Eudora disregarded the huge emails that someone sent me. I was glad.
      But I didn't know if any regular text messages had also been ignored.

      Then I got home. I'd forgotten about those large attachments. I set Eudora
      running in order to download all my email. It seemed to get stuck right away.
      Something huge had been sent. Oh right, it must be that stuff I ignored while
      on the road. So this time I didn't want to ignore the messages - even though
      I had no idea who sent them and what they were. I let Eudora run. And it kept
      running and that darn email took FOREVER to download. Meanwhile, I wanted to
      see what other messages I'd received so I could attend to business - but I had
      to wait and wait and wait.

      I felt blind and annoyed. I was not given good choices and not enough
      information about MY mail. Wouldn't it be nice if I had a good friend
      checking my mail?

      "Hey Joshua, you have some huge images that a guy named Brian sent you - do you
      want to ignore them or download them later or what? The images are about 500K
      each - there is some text with the emails - here it is: Hey Joshua, here are
      pictures from that last workshop...."

      Now wouldn't that be so much better and humane and good?

      Do you have similar stories?

      Industrial Logic, Inc.
      Joshua Kerievsky, founder
      415-292-6267 (fax)
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