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I have one simple solution: DO NOT BUY APERTURE...UNTIL IT IS MATURE...!!

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  • Nicolaas de Bruin
    As a professional photographer I simply do not have the time and energy to work with a program that should still be in it s BETA status!! I have the Quad core,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2006
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      As a professional photographer I simply do not have the time and energy to work with a
      program that should still be in it's BETA status!!

      I have the Quad core, with all the extra's ( and even here is apple screwing up: 3
      exchanges within 21 days!! and this is a $5,000 plus machine!!) and aperture works, but
      what is so much more special than Photoshop CS2/Bridge...and for image editing Photo

      Photo mechanic is only 130 bucks and is super fast!!! Who cares about color correction
      and stupid photobooks you can order online!!!?? My clients need billboard size images not
      amateur photobooks!

      Anyway I am pissed I waisted 500 bucks for this dumb Aperture program..I thought Apple
      would try to save their reputation and come out with a superior photo editing program!

      The only nice thing about Aperture: the light box....but the database solution: everything
      in a vault...for no one to be touched, but thru aperture???!!! what the hell is this all about??

      I work between 4 machines and 6 terabite of internal and external hardrives....different
      people use different image files..for editing, retouching, printing etc.....and sure we are
      going to put all images in a vault...so I have to buy 4 aperture programs....because you
      can't run the same program on mulitple machines on a network!

      How can you trust a program to put everything in a vault, without a way to checking??
      Especially when the Maxtor drives Apple put in their machines give up after 9 to 12
      months (happend to me twice!!! after 9 months!)

      So to conclude this maybe a little negative rant! Sorry but I hate big companies havin the
      guts to screw people into believing that they sell the next super program for top dollar,
      just because they can! And have a no return policy!!

      Conclusion: spent your money on Phase one...they have a great program, it is also slow,
      and has a steep learning curve....but they result are great and it cost also about 500
      bucks...but tru the years it has proven it self.

      If you want a great photo editing program...fast working and very simple to use: Photo
      Mechanics...great program and only 130 bucks!! and you can use it on mulitple machines
      at the same time!

      No I don't have "stock" in any of the 2 companies and don't even own the Phase one
      software....but I bought Aperture and wished that I didn't!

      goodluck and I know I am going to get a lot of emails stating that Aperture is a great
      wants to buy it from me email me and I will sell it to you for half!!!
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