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278Graphics card frustration and 1.1.1 - new member

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  • mickstringer
    May 7, 2006
      Hi everyone. I joined the group today so hello.

      I've no doubt the subject of this post has been dealt with a lot but I
      thought I would add my voice to the chorus of frustration.

      I have had a dual core G5 for 5 months and the lack of PCI express
      upgrade graphics cards is behond a joke. At the time I bought the G5
      (bought in part to run Aperture) the 6600 card was on the recommended
      specification list (now removed) so the 7800GT didn't seem necessary. I
      did opt for the 256mb version of the 6600 for a bit more future
      proofing than the 128mb version.

      I am aware of the strangedogs flashed 7800GT but I am in the UK and
      don't see why I should take the risk given that it is up to Apple to
      sort this issue out. Also I have heard that 1.1 wasn't really optimised
      for the 7800GT anyway. Any better in 1.1.1?

      I would like to know what people's experience is with the 1.1.1
      upgrade. If anything it seems slower adjusting than 1.1. I have a Canon
      5D and shoot exclusively raw.

      I have a dual 2.0 G5 with 3GB memory. Aperture main library is on
      second internal hard drive.

      Thanks for looking.

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