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2Re: [aperture] Aperture Systems Requirements??

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  • Alejandro (Alex) Rodriguez
    Dec 3, 2005
      Well speaking for my self I was NOT happy about the system
      requirements. While I do not think its an all out conspiracy by Apple
      to sell hardware I do fell they could have done a better job. My
      feeling is any G5 system should be able to support Aperture. Having
      said that I ended up with a new system. I purchased the low end model
      and the 20 inch display and upgraded the RAM (through Crucial). The
      entire setup was around $3,000. While I am certain the $23k system
      you configured would be awesome it is certainly not a must.


      On Dec 3, 2005, at 5:17 PM, Yamil R. Sued wrote:

      > OK guys, here's my Problem
      > From everything I've read, and searched you need a super fast system
      > Dual 2Ghz Min, Lots of RAM 2 GB Min, A good Video Card and at least
      > One
      > 24" Monitor in order to get the best out of Aperture!!
      > I've seen the quicktimes at the Apple Site, and how much you want
      > to bet
      > that Apple just gave these 3 guys a Quad 2.5Ghz machine with Gobs
      > of RAM
      > and Two 30" Monitors with the best Video Card Available and said,
      > Guys,
      > use the system and tell me how good it is!!
      > Right now I'm a Pro ruining CS2 and Capture on 2 Powerbooks for my D2X
      > and D2H's (NOT D2Hs) I bet if Install Aperture on my 1GB 17" machine
      > with 1GB of RAM, It will lock-Up, and if I dared do it on my old 15"
      > 667Mhz Machine, It will explode!!
      > I searched, if you Pimp out the new Quad-Core G5, with the
      > top-of-the-line Video Card, Two 30" Monitors and 16GB of Ram with 2
      > 500
      > GB Drives, it will run you a bit over $23K!!!
      > Knowing the Life-Span of Computers today (around 6 MO) a $23K
      > investment
      > is not at the top of my list!!
      > I see all the Kewl features of Aperture, But It is my thought that
      > Aperture is somewhat meant to sell Apple hardware!!!
      > Don't get me wrong, I've been an Apple fan since I used the Apple II
      > back in 1981, And I've been a fan since. but at this time in my
      > career,
      > my main budget is for Cameras, lenses and Memory cards, Not a new
      > computer when the 2 that I have work just fine for me!!
      > Let's discuss these items because I'm trying to justify this software
      > and I can't afford another machine right now!!
      > Y
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