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1461Re: Timing issues on slideshow presentation

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  • iconimage2002
    Jul 26, 2012
      Can you tell us more about what Theme you are using, and what your Default setting are set to. If you have "Fit slideshow to main audio track selected" that overrides your manual input. I would start by deleting you music. To do that click on the green area around your thumbnails, and hit Delete. Do this for both pieces of music and then drag in the one you want. Depending on your settings, the two soundtracks could be causing some conflicts as well. Let us know how it works out.


      --- In aperture@yahoogroups.com, "menlovian" <menlovian@...> wrote:
      > Rookie question: I'm attempting to change the elapsed time of all slides in a slideshow presentation. No problem getting to the slideshow editor. All are preset for 3.0 seconds. I can change the timer in slideshow editor to anytime, but that change does NOT seem to impact the slideshow itself? No idea why. I also tried to just change timing on some individual slides but you apparently need the reflexes of a lizard to make that happen in an orderly fashion. I have selected all the slides. Do I have create a replica of the slideshow and start over?
      > Another rookie question--on one slideshow I somehow ended up with TWO pieces of music accompanying the slides. Can anyone tell me how to delete one of them?
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