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1448Re: [aperture] New Group Member - Aperture Users at Yahoo.

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  • Doug Yelmen
    Mar 5, 2012
      i am on the phone right now to OWC, to check again about a SSD for my 2010 iMac Quad.
      seems there was a hurricane, typhoon, more likely, in Thailand, and prices are fluctuating. mine for a 120 GB SSD would costs about $317.

      On Mar 5, 2012, at 7:10 AM, davidbmoore wrote:

      Welcome Don

      I read these and sometimes comment, but not as active as others.   Curious about your library, is it referenced or managed.  Mine is referenced with the masters on an external Drobo.  My library  is on a 500gb internal HD on a Macbook pro and in its own volume away from other files.  Space is a problem in photography ....Im nearing the end of my 500gb drive usefulness and thinking of adding an SSD.  

      Anyway welcome

      David B. Moore

      C 480-751-7689

      5845 E Onyx Ave
      Scottsdale AZ  85253


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