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Re: Apache-ASP on Apache2

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  • beckts33 <beckts@beckts.com>
    I am new to Apache and ASP, but was successful in getting Apache2 to run on Windows. I have also been able to run aspx on the same machine using a proxy
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 3, 2003
      I am new to Apache and ASP, but was successful in getting Apache2 to
      run on Windows.

      I have also been able to run aspx on the same machine using a proxy
      server, Cassini. I'll attach the link for that.

      Here is the code I added to my config file that make ASP work with

      <Files *.asp>
      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlHandler Apache::ASP
      PerlSetVar Global C:/Windows/temp
      PerlSetVar CookiePath /
      PerlSetVar AllowSessionState 1
      PerlSetVar SessionTimeout 20
      #PerlSetVar Debug 2
      # have "use strict;" by default, recommended
      PerlSetVar UseStrict 1
      # when errors occur in ASP, print out debug info
      PerlSetVar Debug 2
      PerlSetVar BufferingOn 1
      PerlSetVar StatINC 1
      PerlSetVar SessionSerialize 0
      PerlSetVar SoftRedirect 0
      PerlSetVar NoState 1
      PerlSetVar StateDir ./.state
      PerlSetVar StateManager 10
      PerlSetVar MaxThreadsPerChild 1

      Apache/aspx (asp.net):

      --- In apache-asp@yahoogroups.com, Josh Chamas <josh@c...> wrote:
      > CURTIS R. wrote:
      > > I have been reading the posts on the Apache-ASP mailing
      > > list, and see you have gotten apache-asp to run with
      > > mod_perl1.99, and apache2.
      > >
      > > I have got everything compiled, but my httpd.conf gets
      > > broken when I add in the PerlHandler and the rest of the
      > > options from the apache-asp sites configuration section.
      > >
      > Please post messages for Apache::ASP support to the mailing
      > list. To get on the mailing list, send a message to
      > asp-subscribe@p... ... I have cc'd the list
      > to capture this thread in the archive.
      > Apache::ASP should work the same underl mod_perl2/Apache2.
      > That PerlHandler is broken implies that mod_perl is not
      > installed correctly.
      > > What are the correct strings to add to the httpd.conf ?
      > > I am convinced all will be fine if I can only get the
      > > httpd.conf working correctly.
      > >
      > The same as in mod_perl1, for example, I am driving chamas.com
      > off of:
      > <Files ~ \.html?$>
      > SetHandler perl-script
      > PerlModule Apache::ASP
      > PerlHandler Apache::ASP
      > PerlSetVar NoState 1
      > PerlSetVar Global .
      > PerlSetVar GlobalPackage Chamas::Site::Sun
      > PerlSetVar UseStrict 1
      > PerlSetVar StatScripts 1
      > PerlSetVar XMLSubsMatch chamas:\w+
      > # note the Off config will be available in 2.50 not yet released
      > PerlSetVar XMLSubsPerlArgs Off
      > </Files>
      > > Would there be any chance of a small section on the
      > > apache-asp site detailing the process for apache2 ?
      > >
      > If I find there to be differences, I will do so, but so
      > far there have been none to my knowledge that affect
      > an Apache::ASP user once mod_perl is set up correctly.
      > Note however though Apache::ASP works under mod_perl2
      > fine, it may be that mod_perl 1.9x / apache2 combo is yet unstable.
      > Be sure to use the prefork mpm, and not worker mpm for now.
      > MPM refers to a compilation option of apache2.
      > Regards,
      > Josh
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