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Re: $Server->Mail() and specifying mailhost

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  • Josh Chamas
    ... How about about setting the config at runtime, like: $Server- Config( MailHost , $your_mailhost); Do this just before the $Server- Mail(). If you really
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 11, 2002
      Broc Seib wrote:
      > I want to specify my mail host at the moment I call $Server->Mail();
      > I see I can pass in some %smtp_args to the Net::SMTP new() constructor:
      > $Server->Mail({
      > 'To' => $to,
      > 'From' => $from,
      > :
      > :
      > },
      > %smtp_args,
      > );

      How about about setting the config at runtime, like:

      $Server->Config('MailHost', $your_mailhost);

      Do this just before the $Server->Mail(). If you really
      need this in the $Server->Mail routine, let me know,
      and we can probably add something there too.

      Note that currently, the MailHost config will become
      cached in the ASP object when it first gets used,
      so you will need to set your MailHost only once, like in
      Script_OnStart for example, but that the MailHost will
      persist for subsequent Server->Mail calls.


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