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RFC on new module

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  • Aaron Johnson
    I am attempting to make some previous code more genric and release as a module. This email is a brief summary of what the moudle will do. I currently do all
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2002
      I am attempting to make some previous code more genric
      and release as a module. This email is a brief summary
      of what the moudle will do. I currently do all but one
      or two of these in the product I am abstracting this

      This module is for easy generation of HTML tables add
      allowing the contents of results to be drilled down
      through to get to limited set of data quickly.

      This module attempts to create dynamic tables that "fold"
      By fold it is infered that when clicking on a value in a
      column that the data source will be reread and only the
      values that match the clicked on item will be shown. We
      also allow for multiple folds, which means that if values
      from multiple columns are clicked on then the folds will
      build on top of each other.

      This module will most likely not be generic enough to not
      require some advanced confirguration, either inside this
      file or via an external script. Most likely it will
      configured via a method as well.

      This process attempts to not use cookies, this may change
      at some point, but presently a complex URL parsing system
      is used and works well.

      The resulting table rows are set with an attribute on
      object creation and a paging system allow the user to
      move to a particular point.

      There will be a limited search facility was well in the
      initial releases.

      A hash for each column to be displayed/handled needs to be
      created with the following values:

      action_and_fold - indicates that a field has an action* that
      can happen and it can also be folded ( 0 or 1 )

      add_to_url - extra column values and name that should be
      added to the URL for a column. this covers special
      cases where additional values may be needed when a
      particular action is taken. this is an annon array

      align - how should the column be aligned when displayed
      (center, left, right)

      allows_direction - is the column sortable by asc/desc
      1 or 0

      key_columns - these are the columns that need to refereneced
      for a match when doing an update and in some cases a

      href - page other then present a column should link to,
      by default the "key" will be the URL for these along
      with the current values for folding so the "main" page
      can maintain state.

      modify - this is a subroutine that is run on the values

      regex - this is how it should be matched from a URL
      generally a base URL is created from the previous
      post, if a column has been folded it needs to
      remove the additional URL data from it so the fold
      is removed. multiple folds on a single column is
      NOT currently supported

      special_colors (BAD NAME) - this is a hash of color with an array of
      values for a pattern match. if a column needs to be
      a particular color for all values matching "fish" this
      could be done here. each color MUST have a corresponding
      entry in your style sheet
      example entry:
      'red' => [ 'hello','hi','greetings' ],
      'blue' => [ 'bye','good bye','see ya' ],

      table - what database table is the value of this column being
      read from. the database table name in correct case, it
      will be used in the creation of SQL queries(?)

      column_header - the name of the header on the final
      output (defaults to the column name if null)

      url_param - what to look for in the URL, this will most
      likely be discarded in favor for column name instead.
      (original code used abbreviated names in the URL)

      Notes on the original idea that have yet to be worked

      Column names need to be followed by ascend/desecending arrows

      Previous folds sent must be remembered, that is all folds up to
      this point. This should NOT be done via session data.

      * action - this is most likely a popup window that contains a small
      form from which you can modify the value of the column that it was
      clicked in. a screen refresh is froced after the form is completed
      to show the new data

      I have modified the DBIx::XHTML_Table module to allow for some of
      the features mentioned above, but there is also the need for
      an query creation method/class. I have looked at Reltaions-Query
      are there others that someone might suggest?

      This module will be stand alone, that is not based on a templating
      system or be mod_perl dependent.

      The structure of the code is in an alpha/planning stage at this

      Any feedback or questions are welcome.

      Aaron Johnson

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