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[ANNOUNCE] Apache::ASP 2.33 released

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  • Joshua Chamas
    Hey, Apache::ASP 2.33 is released, which you can find in your local CPAN, or http://www.perl.com/CPAN-local/modules/by-module/Apache/ Below are the changes for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2002

      Apache::ASP 2.33 is released, which you can find in your local CPAN, or


      Below are the changes for 2.33 & 2.31 since I never officially
      announced 2.31. This is a big release which has some bug fixes,
      lots of new test cases to verify the API, and some significant changes
      to code structure and the asp-perl CGI/command line processor.

      For more information on Apache::ASP, please see



      Joshua Chamas Chamas Enterprises Inc.
      NodeWorks Founder Huntington Beach, CA USA
      http://www.nodeworks.com 1-714-625-4051

      $MODULE=Apache::ASP; $VERSION = 2.33; $DATE="04/29/2002"

      - fixed up t/server_mail.t test to skip if a sendmail server
      is not available on localhost. We only want the test to run
      if there is a server to test against.

      + removed cgi/asp script, just a symlink now to the ./asp-perl script
      which in this way deprecates it. I had it hard linked, but the
      distribution did not untar very well on win32 platform.

      + Reordered the modules in Bundle::Apache::ASP for a cleaner install.

      - Fixed bug where XMLSubs where removing <?xml version ... ?> tag
      when it was needed in XSLT mode.

      + $Server->Mail({ CC => '...', BCC => '...' }), now works to send
      CC & BCC headers/recipients.

      + Removed $Apache::ASP::Register definition which defined the current
      executing Apache::ASP object. Only one part of the application was
      using it, and this has been fixed. This would have been an unsafe
      use of globals for a threaded environment.

      + Decreased latency when doing Application_OnStart, used to sleep(1)
      for CleanupMaster sync, but this is not necessary for Application_OnStart

      + Restructure code / core templates for MailErrorsTo funcationality.
      Wrote test mail_error.t to cover this. $ENV{REMOTE_USER} will now be displayed
      in the MailErrorsTo message when defined from 401 basic auth.

      + $Server->RegisterCleanup should be thread safe now, as it no longer relies
      on access to @Apache::ASP::Cleanup for storing the CODE ref stack.

      + test t/inode_names.t for InodeNames and other file tests covering case
      of long file names.

      - Fixed long file name sub identifier bug. Added test t/long_names.t.

      + CacheDir may now be set independently of StateDir. It used to default
      to StateDir if it was set.

      ++ Decomposition of modules like Apache::ASP::Session & Apache::ASP::Application
      out of ASP.pm file. This should make the source more developer friendly.

      This selective code compilation also speeds up CGI requests that do not
      need to load unneeded modules like Apache::ASP::Session, by about 50%,
      so where CGI mode ran at about 2.1 hits/sec before, now for
      light requests that do not load $Session & $Application, requests
      run at 3.4 hits/sec, this is on a dual PIII-450 linux 2.4.x

      - Caching like for XSLTCache now works in CGI mode.
      This was a bug that it did not before.

      + $Server->File() API added, acts as a wrapper around Apache->request->filename
      Added test in t/server.t


      New $PERLLIB/Apache/ASP/Share/ directory created to
      hold system & user contributed components, which will be found
      on the $Server->MapInclude() path, which helps $Response->Include
      search '.',Global,IncludesDir, and now Apache::ASP::Share for
      includes to load at runtime.

      The syntax for loading a shared include is to prefix the file
      name with Share:: as in:


      New test to cover this at t/share.t

      This feature is experimental. The naming convention may change
      and the feature may disappear altogether, so only use if you
      are interesting in experimenting with this feature & will
      provide feedback about how it works.


      + asp-perl script now uses ./asp.conf instead of ./asp.config
      for runtime configuration via %Config defined there. Update docs
      for running in standalone CGI mode

      + Make use of MANFEST.SKIP to not publish the dev/* files anymore.

      - Script_OnEnd guaranteed to run after $Response->End, but
      it will not run if there was an error earlier in the request.

      + lots of new test cases covering behaviour of $Response->End
      and $Response->Redirect under various conditions like XMLSubs
      and SoftRedirect and global.asa Script_OnStart

      + asp-perl will be installed into the bin executables when
      Apache::ASP is installed. asp-perl is the command line version
      of Apache::ASP that can also be used to run script in CGI mode.
      Test case covering asp-perl functionality.

      + asp CGI/command line script now called asp-perl. I picked this
      name because Apache::ASP often has the name asp-perl in distributions
      of the module.

      + Apache::ASP::CGI::Test class now subclass of Apache::ASP::CGI. To facilitate
      this Apache::ASP::CGI::init() now called OO like Apache::ASP::CGI->init()
      Fixed up places where the old style was called. New Test class allows
      a dummy Apache request object to be built which caches header & body output
      for later inspection instead of writing it to STDOUT.

      - $Response->Redirect() under SoftRedirect 1 will not first Clear() buffer

      - $Response->Redirect() in an XMLSubs will work now ... behavior
      of $Response->Flush() being turned off in an XMLSubs was interfering with this.

      + srand() init tracking done better, thanks for patch from Ime Smits

      + Added file/directory being used for precompilation in
      Apache::ASP->Loader($file, ...) to output like:

      [Mon Feb 04 20:19:22 2002] [error] [asp] 4215 (re)compiled 22 scripts of 22 loaded for $file

      This is so that when precompiling multiple web sites
      each with different directories, one can easier see the
      compile output relevant to the Loader() command being run.

      + better decomp of Apache::ASP site build files at ./build/* files,
      which is good should anyone look at it for ideas.

      + improved test suite to error when unintended output results from
      t/*.t test scripts.

      - () now supported in XMLSubsMatch config, added xmlsubsmatch.t test...
      specifically a config like

      PerlSetVar (aaa|bbb):\w+

      should now work. Thanks for bug report from David Kulp.

      + Added an early srand() for better $ServerID creation

      + Work around for DSO problems where $r is not always correctly
      defined in Apache::ASP::handler(). Thanks to Tom Lear for patch.

      $MODULE=Apache::ASP; $VERSION = 2.31; $DATE="01/22/2002";

      Please see README for changes for past versions.

      + = improvement; - = bug fix

      + $Server->MapInclude() API extension created to wrap up Apache::ASP::SearchDirs functionality
      so one may do an conditional check for an include existence befor executing $Response->Include().
      Added API test to server.t

      + $Server->Transfer() now allows arguments like $Response->Include(), and now acts just
      as a wrapper for:

      $Response->Include($file, @args);

      added test case at t/server_transfer.t

      + Removed dependency of StatINC functionality on Apache::Symbol. Apache::Symbol
      is no longer required. Added test of t/stat_inc.t for correct StatINC initialization
      for platforms where Devel::Symdump is present.

      + Better error message when $Request->Params has not been defined with RequestParams
      config & it gets used in script. Added test case as t/request_params_none.t

      + Directories cannot now be included as scripts via $Response->Include(), added
      test case to t/include.t

      - No longer make $Response->Flush dependent on $Response->IsClientConnected() to
      be true to write output to client. There have been spurious errors reported
      about the new ( >= 2.25 ) IsClientConnected code, and this will limit the impact
      of that functionality possibly not working still to those users explicitly using
      that API.

      + $Response->AddHeader($header_name, $value) now will set $Response members
      for these headers: Content-Type, Cache-Control, Expires. This is to avoid
      both the application & Apache::ASP sending out duplicate headers. Added
      test cases for this to t/response.t

      + split up Bundle::Apache::ASP into that, and Bundle::Apache::ASP::Extra
      the former with just the required modules to run, and the latter
      for extra functionality in Apache::ASP

      + new $Request->{Method} member to return $r->method of GET or POST that
      client browser is requesting, added t/request.t sub test to cover this member.

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