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Re: Disappearing $Request!

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  • Joshua Chamas
    ... The actual code that does the Request- Params init looks like this: if($r- dir_config( RequestParams )) { $self- { Params } = bless { %$parsed_query,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 22, 2002
      "Kulp, David" wrote:
      > After using Apache::ASP for a few months, I've just started to see the
      > following error. It repeats on multiple pages but usually goes away after a
      > few minutes.
      > Errors Output
      > $Request->Params object does not exist, enable with 'PerlSetVar
      > RequestParams 1' at
      > /nfs/linux/pkg/perl/build-1/lib/site_perl/5.6.1/Apache/ASP.pm line 3382,
      > /nfs/linux/pkg/perl/build-1/lib/site_perl/5.6.1/Apache/ASP.pm line 1556
      > I have RequestParams set to 1 in the httpd.conf, and no .htaccess sets it
      > differently. I can't imagine what I might have done to cause this to occur.

      The actual code that does the Request->Params init looks like this:

      if($r->dir_config('RequestParams')) {
      $self->{'Params'} = bless { %$parsed_query, %$form }, 'Apache::ASP::Collection';

      Its very likely that something is interfering with your RequestParams setting.
      If you have a top level RequestParams setting in httpd.conf, I might
      try a setting more directly in your VirtualHost or <Files>, <Directory>
      tag, etc., in case the top level setting is being lost for some reason.

      I had seen odd behavior with how mod_perl merges PerlSetVar settings
      before, and could see something like this behaving inconsistently.

      What really strikes me as odd is your report that it goes away
      after a few minutes which implies to me that something gets loaded
      at runtime that affects your mod_perl behavior. This would point
      to a .htaccess, but may even be some perl module?

      Does this behavior occur after a fresh httpd stop/start ?
      Is your's a DSO installation?, if so such oddities might
      go away if you rebuild with a statically linked mod_perl.
      When DSO builds start messing up, they do so in an inconsistent
      way from what I have seen.


      Joshua Chamas Chamas Enterprises Inc.
      NodeWorks Founder Huntington Beach, CA USA
      http://www.nodeworks.com 1-714-625-4051

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