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Re: issues with MyBookmarks example

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  • Josh Chamas
    ... That s right! The My Bookmarks application probably predates that API change. Thanks for pointing this out, I ll updated this in a future release of
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 13, 2004
      dpchrist@... wrote:
      > asp@...
      > I am working on learning Apache::ASP and came across some issues with
      > the "MyBookmarks" example as shown on
      > http://www.apache-asp.org/articles/perlmonth2_build.html:
      > 1. I received the following warning in my Apache error log on every
      > hit:
      > [Thu Feb 12 00:25:22 2004] [error] [asp] [12691] [debug] $Response->Expi
      > res() deprecated. Please access member directly with $Response->{Expire
      > s} notation

      That's right! The My Bookmarks application probably predates that API change.
      Thanks for pointing this out, I'll updated this in a future release of Apache::ASP,
      as the My Bookmarks sample app is part of the Apache::ASP distribution
      at ./site/apps/bookmarks

      > 42c42
      > < $Response->Expires(0);
      > ---
      >> $Response->{Expires} = 0;

      Yep, this was the fix.

      > 2. My table of links was showing up empty on the bookmarks.asp page.
      > The problem was that the column names in the @bookmarks array of
      > hashrefs were uppercase, but the table generation code was using
      > lower case keys.
      > Here is the CSV file:
      > <CVSENV>root@d3020g:~# cat /tmp/asp_apps_bookmarks/bookmarks

      I am not sure why your CSV file gets created with uppercase columns. I just tried
      the application and mine created the columns with lowercase names in the CSV
      file. I had the same version of DBD::CSV, but a more recent DBI module.
      A complete work around to this problem is to not rely on the returned
      column names at all ... here is a diff that makes this happen:

      --- bookmarks/bookmarks.asp 12 Sep 2002 20:05:55 -0000
      +++ bookmarks/bookmarks.asp 14 Feb 2004 02:00:52 -0000
      @@ -62,14 +62,20 @@

      # get all the bookmarks
      -my $sth = $Db->prepare_cached(
      - "select * from bookmarks where username=? ".
      - "order by bookmark_id"
      +my $rows = $Db->selectall_arrayref(
      + "select bookmark_id, username, title, url from bookmarks where username=? ".
      + "order by bookmark_id",
      + undef,
      + $Session->{'user'}
      my @bookmarks;
      -while(my $bookmark = $sth->fetchrow_hashref()) {
      - push(@bookmarks, $bookmark);
      +for my $row ( @$rows ) {
      + push(@bookmarks, {
      + bookmark_id => $row->[0],
      + username => $row->[1],
      + title => $row->[2],
      + url => $row->[3],
      + });

      Actually, not relying on the column names case is probably a good idea long
      term. It seems that each database has a different way of returning column
      names, so for portability its best to use columns by positional reference only.
      Oracle returns uppercase, MySQL returns as defined (mixed lower/upper), &
      I think PostgreSQL return all lowercase ( could be wrong on this. ).

      I'll update the app bundled with Apache::ASP, but will leave the article as is.
      It was published in 1999 after all, and pretty much works still anyway.


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