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Re: file_upload.asp failure

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  • Bret Aarden
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    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 20, 2004
      At 7:41 AM -0800 1/20/04, Josh Chamas wrote:
      >Bret Aarden wrote:
      >>I'm having trouble with the Apache::ASP file_upload.asp example on
      >>Mac OS 10.3.2. ASP is working fine otherwise, but none of the file
      >>upload variables are being set, and nothing happens after
      >>submitting the file upload form. The file_upload.cgi example that
      >>came with my CGI distribution works fine.
      >>My stats:
      >>Apache::ASP 2.55
      >>CGI 2.98*
      >>perl 5.8.1*
      >Periodically, a CGI.pm release will break under Apache::ASP for file uploads,
      >and the fix is usually to upgrade to the latest release. Currently CGI.pm
      >is at 3.04 so I would first suggest that you upgrade, and stop/start
      >your apache web server and see if that helps. Does it?

      It does indeed. Thank you!


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