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[ANNOUNCE] Apache::ASP v2.51 released

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  • Josh Chamas
    Hey, Apache::ASP v2.51 is released to CPAN. You can get it from your local CPAN archive or here: http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-module/Apache/ Below are the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2003

      Apache::ASP v2.51 is released to CPAN. You can get it from your local
      CPAN archive or here:


      Below are the changes. This is a big release, and though it is
      well tested, please upgrade carefully.

      For more info on Apache::ASP, please see http://www.apache-asp.org

      About Apache::ASP...

      Apache::ASP provides an Active Server Pages port to the
      Apache Web Server with Perl scripting only, and enables developing of
      dynamic web applications with session management and embedded perl code.
      There are also many powerful extensions, including XML taglibs, XSLT rendering,
      and new events not originally part of the ASP API!


      Josh Chamas, Founder phone:925-552-0128
      Chamas Enterprises Inc. http://www.chamas.com
      NodeWorks Link Checking http://www.nodeworks.com

      CHANGES ==================================================================

      $VERSION = 2.51; $DATE="02/10/2003"

      + added t/session_query_parse.t test to cover use of SessionQueryParse
      and $Server->URL APIs

      - Fixed duplicate "&" bug associated with using $Server->URL
      and SessionQueryParse together

      + Patch to allow $Server->URL() to be called multiple times on the same URL
      as in $Server->URL($Server->URL($url, \%params), \%more_params)

      (d) Added new testimonials & sites & created a separate testimonials page.

      - SessionQueryParse will now add to & to the query strings
      embedded in the HTML, instead of & for proper HTML generation.
      Thanks to Peter Galbavy for pointing out and Thanos Chatziathanassiou
      for suggesting the fix.

      - $Response->{ContentType} set to text/html for developer error reporting,
      in case this was set to something else before the error occured.
      Thanks to Philip Mak for reporting.

      - Couple of minor bug fixes under PerlWarn use, thanks Peter Galbavy
      for reporting.

      + Added automatic load of "use Apache2" for compat with mod_perl2
      request objects when Apache::ASP is loaded via "PerlModule Apache::ASP"
      Thanks to Richard Curtis for reporting bug & subsequent testing.

      - When GlobalPackage config changes, but global.asa has not, global.asa
      will be recompiled anyway to update the GlobalPackage correctly.
      Changing GlobalPackage before would cause errors if global.asa was
      already compiled.

      ++ For ANY PerlSetVar type config, OFF/Off/off will be assumed
      to have value of 0 for that setting. Before, only a couple settings
      had this semantics, but they all do now for consistency.

      - Fix for InodeNames config on OpenBSD, or any OS that might have
      a device # of 0 for the file being stat()'d, thanks to Peter Galbavy
      for bug report.

      ++ Total XSLT speedups, 5-10% on large XSLT, 10-15% on small XSLT

      + bypass meta data check like expires for XSLT Cache() API use
      because XSLT tranformations don't expire, saves hit to cache dbm
      for meta data

      + use of direct Apache::ASP::State methods like FETCH/STORE
      in Cache() layer so we don't have to go through slower tied interface.
      This will speed up XSLT & and include output caching mostly.

      + minor optimizations for speed & memory usage

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