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Re: Hi. I'm new and I have a few questions.

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  • Josh Chamas
    ... This will end up looking like: QueryString( CAR ); % Perl does not have a problem with empty values, so you don t need to do the
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 9, 2003
      98vr6 wrote:
      > Anyway...here's what I started with.
      > <%
      > If Request("CAR") = "" Then
      > sCar = ""
      > Else
      > sCar = Request("CAR")
      > End If
      > %>
      > So, I tried this....
      > <%
      > If $Request->QueryString($car) = "" Then
      > $sCar = ""
      > Else
      > $sCar = $Request->QueryString($car)
      > End If
      > %>

      This will end up looking like:

      my $car = $Request->QueryString("CAR");

      Perl does not have a problem with empty values, so you
      don't need to do the if/else around $Request->QueryString("CAR") eq ''
      if/else constructs in perl look like:

      if($conditional) {
      } else {

      You can get more info on this by doing a "perldoc perlsyn" from
      the unix command line. For more topics on perl, you can do "perldoc perl"
      and of course you might want to pick up a "Learning Perl" book.

      > Of course, this isn't working. I was reading about a global.asa file.
      > Could someone explain this to me? I didn't get a really good
      > understanding from what I read on the net.

      The global.asa is where you define ASP events like Session_OnStart

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