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911Re: Security implemention question

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  • Theo Schlossnagle
    Jan 3, 2003
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      On Friday, Jan 3, 2003, at 04:59 US/Eastern, richard@...
      > I have already implemented page level security to restrict each level
      > user to
      > the pages for which they are authorised. My problem is that for user
      > level 2
      > to be able to download these files, they must be placed somewhere
      > within the
      > webroot. I want to prevent user level 1 from downloading these files
      > as they
      > are only intended for downloading by users of level 2.
      > [ ... snip ... ]
      > I am using Apache::ASP (latest), mod_perl 1.99, Apache2 (latest), perl
      > 5.6.1
      > Thanks for any advice / feedback

      If you don't mind using you mod_perl instances to serve files (your
      site is low traffic and this won't hurt you). Then write a mod_perl
      PerlAccessHandler to deny people access. Implement all of your login
      system in a PerlAuthenHandler. Then just have simple login page.

      There are some good example of this in the mod_perl cookbook.

      The big advantage of this is that you never really need to "know" how
      to auth someone to write another web page for your site. It is
      provided for you by your Authen handler before you page is ever loaded.

      Also, your Authen handler can do slick things like put an instance of a
      "User" object in the Apache request notes. and the "new" method for
      your User object can look there first... This allows you to blindly
      my $user = User->new();
      at the top of any ASP page and have full access to that user's object.
      And you _know_ it will be populated with valid data because they passed
      through your Authen/Access handlers and it was actually built in there
      -- of course, it does hurt to check ;-)

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