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853RE: Response->Redirect

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  • Raghu.Nalamada@ubsw.com
    Nov 1, 2002
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      Thanks Josh & Brock

      I have tried using Below

      my $Sdate = $Server->URLEncode("$Start_Date");
      my $Edate = $Server->URLEncode("$End_Date");
      my $url = $Server->URL('http://Test/Graph.pl', { Start_Date => $Sdate,End_Date => $Edate,Format => "$Format" });

      Iam retrieving the values in Graph.pl as CGI Parameter Value and iam getting the below for my SQl iam using and as u know is not a valid SQL

      Date between Apr%2001%202002 and Apr%2001%202002

      When i generate the Graph on Browser directly using Graph.pl?Start_Date=Apr+01+2002&End_Date=May+01+2002&Format="OBS"
      i get
      Date between 'Apr 01 2002' and 'May 01 2002' and Graph gets generated.

      Rather than trying to replace % with a space is there anyway i can rectify ?



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      Hi Raghu,

      Two things:

      (1) On passing args on a Redirect: I have had no problem passing
      them on as part of the url, like

      $params = {
      'name' => 'Fred',
      'wife' => 'Wilma',
      $url = '/server/relative/path/script.pl'; ## or could be "http://blahblah/x"

      $full_url = $Server->URL($url,$params);

      You may also need $Server->URLEncode() depending on if you have odd
      characters, like spaces, in your $param structure's keys or values.

      In addition, if you are passing around args from script to script
      that need to be preserved, you may have to pre-fill your $param struct
      using $Request->Params() and add/delete keys you need or don't want.

      Checkout apache-asp docs for:

      $Server->URL($url, \%params)

      (2) Is your goal to have dynamic image appear within your pages? In
      that case, you should just include your image like it is any other
      image in your html document, but make the image's url point to your
      code, e.g.

      <img src="/path/to/your/script/make_png_image.pl">

      Then have your script 'make_png_image.pl' return the proper MIME type
      to your browser, perhaps 'image/png'. E.g.,

      my $im = new GD::Image(10,10);
      ## do the drawing with $im

      $Response->{ContentType} = 'image/png'; ## read about these
      $Response->BinaryWrite($im->png); ## read about these

      That's it in general; I didn't test any of that code, but that should
      convey the concept and point you toward the right routines to read
      about in the docs.

      Hope that helps.


      > Hi All ,
      > As i have been having problems with GD:Graph in Apache::Asp , I =
      > am generating the GD using a perl scripts and hence want to call the =
      > perlscripts like
      > $Response->Redirect("http:\\testcmp:8080\scripts\gd.pl") , wanted to =
      > know if we could pass @args like Response->Include for passing CGi Query =
      > Paramters instead of constructing the Query Parameters like =
      > gd,pl?Start=3D"Yes"+End=3D"No".
      > Thanks
      > Raghu

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