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608Re: ASP wont work

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  • Josh Chamas
    Jul 30, 2002
      David_Ross@... wrote:
      > ...
      > I am running Redhat 7.0 linux servers and recently tried Apache 2.0.39 with
      > the (experimental?) mod_perl module.
      > Apache::ASP is flaky (at best) in this environment. I have been to the
      > support group at Yahoo and have noted that
      > this is a known problem with multi-threading the likely culprit. (I seem
      > unable to post to this user group - can't get my head around Yahoo??).

      Right, Apache::ASP won't work in Apache 2.0 yet. If you
      really want this to happen now, the only work around is
      to set PerlInterpMax to 1 I believe. That seemed to stabilize
      things for me on a test windows build by Randy Kobes a few
      months back.

      There are a lot of issues to resolve to get Apache::ASP to
      run threaded, so I have no timeline for this, but it is a
      priority for me.

      > I would be extremely grateful if you could provide some information
      > regarding when a fix / upgrade is likely to become available.

      Get on the Apache::ASP mailing list at asp-subscribe@...
      I'll post there when any progress is made.



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