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  • Josh Chamas
    Jul 12, 2002
      Tim Moore wrote:
      > Ah, I spoke to soon. It turns out the code that processes the data is
      > expecting the full MIME multipart/form stuff (this is a port from an IIS
      > app. It decodes the header internally in a bit of C++). So although I've got
      > just the file itself, I need all the MIME header surrounding it.
      > So I guess this is where CGI.pm comes in? Thing is though I don't want to
      > use CGI to dynamically create the form or write to a temp file which is what
      > the samples seem to do, I just want to get the full data with MIME headers
      > (without CGI breaking it up for me).

      CGI.pm is used internally by Apache::ASP to do its file upload
      processing. If you look at the Apache::ASP::Request object
      you will see how it gets invoked. If you can see a hook into
      CGI.pm that we could add to make Apache::ASP work better for you,
      please feel free to provide a patch.

      The biggest deficit here that I see is by using CGI.pm for
      the processing, we lose access to the raw file upload data
      that you need. So, I might consider implementing the file
      upload processsing natively in Apache::ASP, but I see that
      in being quite a ways off yet. What I think you will find
      greater power in here is creating a mod_perl handler for this
      special case, so you have access to the file upload directly
      from Apache API, and you can do whatever you need to in
      this way.

      You could finally consider fixing the C++ that had the
      data requirements that it has. This might simplify
      things in the long term anyway.

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