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548Re: PerlModule?

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  • Joshua Chamas
    Jul 1, 2002
      Joel Hughes wrote:
      > Thanks Joshua,
      > I have changed httpd.conf as per your recomendation (to force mod perl on)
      > and now httpd -t is saying its ok. I have restarted Apache.
      > I have created a test asp page (imaginatively called test.asp) but it is not
      > getting processed by the server. The file, including ASP, is being returned
      > to the the browser (not as a file download but as html).
      > I'm not seeing anything odd in the apache logs.
      > The only change I've made to httpd.conf (except as per your suggestion) is
      > <FILES config.

      This is typical when the config you are using is not being
      triggered for the files in question. Try first to get the
      examples to work, see here:


      Once you see things working there, I would start experimenting
      with your own <Files> configs.


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