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545Re: PerlModule?

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  • Joshua Chamas
    Jul 1, 2002
      Joel Hughes wrote:
      > Hi,
      > am trying to get Apache::ASP working on a RH7.1. box for the first time.
      > The Apache is Red Hats 1.3.22 pre-built with Mod Perl.
      > I (think) I have installed Apache::ASP via the CPAN technique. It seemed to
      > install fine.
      > ...
      > However, when I do a httpd -t I get
      > "Invalid command PerlModule, perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not
      > included in the server configuration".
      > Any ideas? Am I doing something stupid here and/or have I missed a step(s)?
      > any help appreciated

      You need to have mod_perl activated. It may be that the default
      web server configuration does not have mod_perl loaded.
      Check your httpd.conf & /etc/init.d/httpd script to see how mod_perl
      gets started. In my redhat 7.2 /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, it looked
      something like:

      <IfDefine HAVE_PERL>
      AddModule mod_perl.c

      If you just delete the IfDefine tags, it will just always
      load mod_perl always. Note that at least the 7.2 redhat apache has
      XML/expat compiled it, which will conflict with XML::Parser
      modules ( like XML::XSLT ), so if you need to get those working,
      you will need to compile your own apache, with a ./configure like:

      ./configure \
      --prefix=/usr/local/apache \
      --activate-module=src/modules/perl/libperl.a \
      --enable-module=ssl \
      --enable-module=proxy \
      --enable-module=so \

      See the make_httpd/build_httpds.sh script in the distribution
      for the context in which this command would get run in
      building apache/mod_per/mod_ssl.

      Joshua Chamas Chamas Enterprises Inc.
      NodeWorks Founder Huntington Beach, CA USA
      http://www.nodeworks.com 1-714-625-4051

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