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389Re: Where's & which's my httpd ?

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  • Joshua Chamas
    May 14, 2002
      > $ I have really misunderstoods with the way the variable
      > $ environment is implmented or just use by the system ($PATH).
      > $ Yesterday, just after install (_few_severals_attempts_after)
      > $ httpd and apachectl worked fine after a fresh compile
      > $ and then after a reboot too in my /usr/local/apache/bin.
      > $ The way I understand the stuff is that the compile alters
      > $ programs located in the initial apache directory.
      > $ What kind of process could disabled the use of its ?!!
      > $ Ok I find one interessant thing. It doesn't work when
      > $ we situe ourself in the current directory...so

      If you haven't already, I would recommend getting a book on unix
      since the kinds of things that we are discussing are specific
      to that platform and have little to do with running Apache::ASP.
      The Apache::ASP mailing list is for support of running Apache::ASP,
      but this assumes that you already know how to work with the
      platform that you are on.

      Once a program is correctly installed in a place like /usr/local/apache,
      I cannot imagine what mechanism would prevent it from working later
      if it worked before. Subtle things like which user ( root or non-root )
      you are running as can make a big difference though, as well
      as whether there is an instance of httpd already running, bound
      to port 80.

      > $ ...so, in fact no...
      > $ "." is in the directory [_is_that_different_that_*path*_?]

      . represents the current working directory, so if you
      cd /usr/local/apache/bin, then . = /usr/local/apache/bin
      and if you run "./httpd" you will really be running

      > $ It reaveals another problem to my head...
      > $ Static build and non-static-build (DSO)...
      > $ Yes i guess it was the static way no "USE_DSO=1"

      Right, static build is no "USE_DSO=1"


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