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384RE: Where's & which's my httpd ?

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  • Ismael Touama
    May 14 3:18 AM
      Hi Josh and thanks...
      Ok, my mod_perl is yet installed, control done
      via telnet command line...
      Let's above what's wrong now.
      Ismael Touama wrote:
      > Hi & thx,
      > I don't understand, I ran "make install"
      > 'which' gave me 'no httpd' althought I ran 'httpd -l'.
      > What was goin' worng, goin' on ?
      > bbsc,
      > ism

      "which httpd" will only pick up httpd in your path.
      If you install apache in /usr/local/apache, then
      it will likely not be in your PATH though may work fine.

      $ I have really misunderstoods with the way the variable
      $ environment is implmented or just use by the system ($PATH).
      $ Yesterday, just after install (_few_severals_attempts_after)
      $ httpd and apachectl worked fine after a fresh compile
      $ and then after a reboot too in my /usr/local/apache/bin.
      $ The way I understand the stuff is that the compile alters
      $ programs located in the initial apache directory.
      $ What kind of process could disabled the use of its ?!!
      $ Ok I find one interessant thing. It doesn't work when
      $ we situe ourself in the current directory...so

      If you are in the directory that the httpd resides
      in after building it, and if "." is in your path, then you
      will be able to run

      prompt> httpd -l

      $ ...so, in fact no...
      $ "." is in the directory [_is_that_different_that_*path*_?]

      While doing the "make install" for apache, watch where
      its installing into. Likely it went to /usr/local/apache
      if you were doing a static build,

      $ It reaveals another problem to my head...
      $ Static build and non-static-build (DSO)...
      $ Yes i guess it was the static way no "USE_DSO=1"

      so then you would be
      able to do

      /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -l

      $ Yes but not from the current directory...strange isn't it ?
      $ Great thx,
      $ bbsc,
      $ ism


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