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287RE: Get Warning

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  • Ismael Touama
    Apr 10, 2002
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      Yeah !
      I just saw that POD was for "Plain Old Documentation",
      so I can make my install !... ?

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      Envoye : mercredi 10 avril 2002 09:56
      A : Ellers; asp@...
      Objet : RE: Get Warning

      D'oh !

      OK I stay calm !!!
      I'm on rh7.2 DELL PowerEdge 2500 RAID1.(really new to me)

      I unzipped and untared "Apache-mod_perl_guide-1.31.tar.gz".
      I have to install Apache-2.0.35 too...
      I intended to install last mod_perl first, don't know if it's a good idea...
      I didn't try to install "apache/mod_perl/apache::ASP", not yet...

      Another problem is I didn't understand how Apache::ASP works regardless
      You say I will re-write !!
      Are you sure of that ? I guessed I wasa able to make a bash script that
      run trought my .asp files and then could add '$', '->' when meeting, between
      '<%' and '%>' expression like 'Object.Property'... I dream a little lot
      maybe ?
      However, I don't see any interest in this not case! will see for (really
      don't know
      perl)... and yes VBscript is kind of VB but with less object models, untyped

      Ok Thank you, further helps ?

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      De : Ellers [mailto:ellers@...]
      Envoye : mercredi 10 avril 2002 03:48
      A : asp@...; Ismael Touama
      Objet : Re: Get Warning

      Hmmm, what operating system (presumably Linunx?) are you using? What
      distribution/version (e.g. Debian, Redhat)?

      It could be that you could load a pre-built version of
      apache/mod_perl/apache::ASP for your operating system. This doesn't really
      your question below but you might be able to step around it.

      You posted an earlier question about migrating VBScript to Apache::ASP. I
      don't know VBScript (I'm a bit of a perl bigot) but I had thought it
      was a cut-down script-ish version of Visual basic. If that's the case then
      migrating that to Perl would potentially mean a complete re-write of
      all of your code. Perl is great, but I hope re-writing is what you want to


      4/10/02 12:15:57 AM, "Ismael Touama" <ismael.touama@...> wrote:

      >Hi & hello all (new)
      >Ok I intend to install mod_perl
      >so in where untarring Apache_mod_perl_guide-1.31
      >I did perl Makefile.PL
      >All was OK except this warning :
      >Can't Locate Pod/HtmlPsPdf.pm in @INC....
      >So made search on but find really few info...
      >Could you explain what's was wrong ? (I have really
      >nice headache to migrate my ASP application !)
      >What's the remainning to a stable situation ?
      >Thank you a lot,
      >Wait to "make install"
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