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257Re: ASP Modification Suggestion

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  • Joshua Chamas
    Apr 2, 2002
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      Brat Wizard wrote:
      > Josh-
      > I would like to propose a minor change to the 'asp' perl program that
      > comes with Apache::ASP (in builddir/cgi). When the program runs it
      > expects to find its configuration file in the same directory. This makes
      > it awkward to load the config.asp file. The changes below add a '-c
      > <path>' parameter to the asp program to allow the location of the
      > configuration file to be specified on the command line. This enables
      > programs such as cron to more easily launch asp-related programs.

      Hey John,

      How about a -f switch that specifies an full alternate path
      for the asp.config file, so it does not even have to be called
      asp.config! I like -f because that is what apache uses to
      specify an alternate httpd.conf. I have this patched
      into my dev version of Apache::ASP v2.33 if you would like
      to try this out, I can email it to you.

      Also, I have the ./cgi/asp script now at ./asp-perl script,
      and this will now be installed into the */bin/ directory
      as asp-perl. I will keep it copied to ./cgi/asp for backwards
      compatibility for now so people can still find it that were
      using it before. But after installing Apache::ASP from now
      on, asp-perl should be accessible from the command line.

      This all said, I'm looking at asp.config and thinking it
      should be asp.conf by default? How does this sound?
      This would be more in keeping with most of the unix style
      *.conf files out there.

      Joshua Chamas Chamas Enterprises Inc.
      NodeWorks Founder Huntington Beach, CA USA
      http://www.nodeworks.com 1-714-625-4051

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