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2340Re: Migrate existing Apache::ASP code from mod_perl to mod_fcgid?

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  • Warren Young
    May 22, 2014
      On 5/22/2014 00:45, Tsirkin Evgeny wrote:
      > It seems like the Dancer is following the famous MVC/Ruby on Rails where
      > it can.

      Dancer is actually a Perl reimplementation of a Ruby framework called
      Sinatra. (Get it? Dancer? Sinatra? Ahahaha.)

      Dancer is very much *not* MVC, only V.

      The problem with MVC systems is that they only work when you can write
      your M's and C's in the same framework, or connect directly to them.
      They also presume that there are M's and C's to be had in the first
      place. I suspect a lot of "MVC" apps out there are actually contorted
      designs, twisting themselves into the rigid MVC container.

      Apache::ASP and Dancer are both policy-free, in that they don't tell you
      how to design your app. They just give you a bag of tools and say, "Go
      to it!" For the sort of web app that doesn't fit well-established
      categories -- blogs, CRUD editors, etc. -- that's exactly what I want.
      Other examples are node.js, Nitrogen, Mason+Poet, and straight PHP.

      Counterexamples are Rails, Catalyst, Drupal, Zope... These all are more
      of a Framework-with-big-F. They are prescriptive, telling you, "Build
      your app this way and it will be a lot easier." True only if your app
      speaks the framework's design language natively.

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