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2332RE: Problem with Apache::ASP under Apache 2.4

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  • Koebrick, Andrew (MNIT)
    May 20, 2014

      No problem regarding the delay. Yes I have a working installation. I am running:
      Server version: Apache/2.4.9 (Fedora)

      I fixed my install problem by changing line 85 of StateManager.pm to:
      $self->{remote_ip} = $r->connection()->client_ip();

      Good to see that there is action on the Apache::ASP front. I still have many websites running with a basic Apache::ASP installation (basically just to embed perl in HTML). And though I am in the process of migrating many to Drupal, it will be a while until I am done.

      I had to dig through my old email / postings to find this line. So if I misunderstood your question and sent the wrong tidbit, just let me know.


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      From: Josh Chamas [mailto:josh.chamas@...] On Behalf Of Josh Chamas
      Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 1:40 PM
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      Subject: Re: Problem with Apache::ASP under Apache 2.4

      Hi Andrew,

      Sorry for the ridiculous delay here! I was just looking at getting mod_perl + apache 2.4 running and it seems to be a work in progress still, and the latest status seems to be here dated April 2014:


      "The latest release of mod_perl doesn't yet support httpd-2.4, but we are working on it and getting close to making a new release that does.

      In the meantime you might like to try out the "httpd24threading" branch at


      which is largely working and is what will (hopefully soon) become mod_perl-2.09."

      How did you get mod_perl working then with Apache 2.4, and do you in fact have a working installation?



      Josh Chamas
      Skol Labs LLC

      On 7/10/13 12:41 PM, Koebrick, Andrew (MNIT) wrote:
      > Sorry for the misdirected reply.
      > I have changed all reference from remote_ip to client_ip in the following Apache::ASP files on our system:
      > Load.pm (1 occurrence)
      > CGI.pm (2 occurrences)
      > StateManager.pm (3 occurrences)
      > That seems to have solved the problem. I hesitate however to post a patch since this fix is only good for Apache2.4 and I believe would break instances running on earlier version. Perhaps a wiser programmer can add the appropriate server version checks in a conditional so that it will work appropriately for all versions of Apache.
      > Thanks again for the reply. Happy to see that people are still monitoring this list. Incidentally, what is the current project home? http://sourceforge.net/projects/apache-asp or http://www.apache-asp.org/?
      > Andrew
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      > Subject: Re: Problem with Apache::ASP under Apache 2.4
      > Please send replies to the mailing list, not direct to the one who replied to your post.
      > On 7/9/2013 15:32, Koebrick, Andrew (MNIT) wrote:
      >> httpd-2.4 has changed it's API somewhat, the
      >> Apache2::Connection::remote_ip method is now
      >> Apache2::Connection::client_ip."
      > So what happens if you change the reference on line 85 of Apache/ASP/StateManager.pm from remote_ip to client_ip? If it works, post a patch and someone with a commit bit will apply it for you.
      > And, if there's anyone reading this from the Perl Apache API documentation team, why are the Apache 2.0 docs still the only ones on your site?
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