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2287Re: apache::asp maintenance ,again

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  • Gregory Youngblood
    Aug 14, 2011
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      I had volunteered a while back but then Josh released an update and things continued. I'd like to see Apache::ASP continue as well.

      Has anyone heard from josh?

      On Aug 14, 2011, at 12:43 AM, Tsirkin Evgeny wrote:

      > Hi all.
      > Yes ,we are still using the apache::asp ,it is a great peace of software after all.
      > And we want to thank the original authors for the work they have done.
      > Anyway ,it looks like there is not a lot of going on with the module now.
      > Still, we are maintaining a very big application that uses it.
      > We use perl + Apache::ASP extensively .
      > I guess there are others out there in our position.
      > Also, It looks like there is a need for at least one patch being applied .
      > So ,maybe the original authors want to take the maintenance back?
      > Or is there anybody with write permissions on the module in CPAN?
      > We don't want any changes etc... just to make sure that everything works.
      > Thanks
      > Evgeny

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